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UFO Reports

Golden Orbs in Arizona

Source: John Edmonds (rotttijohn@aol.com)

Rainbow Valley, AZ. 3-22-2001, 7:55 PM: UFO activity was observed once again in the South sky over the Estrella foot hills. As many as 22 golden orbs were observed between 7:55 PM and 8:40 PM. by this writer and another witness.

Beginning at 8:15 a barrage of military flare activity began. Distinct contrasts were observed between the two light sources. Orbs appeared as a dotted line of lights connected by close proximity. Orbs appeared to turn on and off, after ten to fifteen minute intervals, and at times would even flash at three and four-second intervals. Proximity to the horizon would change rapidly, both up and down with the Orbs, while the flares would streak up hover for two to three minutes and then burn out and fall back to earth. Flares turned back and forth shifting or rocking with evident smoke trails present. Orbs were transfixed at specific locale. Orbs, seemed to move very specifically under their own power and covered many degrees of both western and eastern movement relative to their origin first observed. Writer now hypothesizes that when Orbs are appearing to blink out, they are actually moving behind the Estrella foot hills, and are thus obscured from view.