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UFO Reports

Two Circular Gray Objects Seen in Florida

Source: Filer's Files #13 -- 2001; March 27, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com   http://www.filersfiles.com

SARASOTA -- I live in Bradenton, Florida, have been a letter carrier for thirty years and I am currently 53-years old.  I was an Air Force dependent and spent three years in the US Army 1966-69 serving a year combat tour in Vietnam.  On the morning of Sunday, March 11, 2001, my wife and I took four of our dogs to Sarasota.  I was about 50 yards in front of my wife, when I heard the noise of a small plane overhead and looked up.  I located the plane another object caught my eye at 9:45 AM.  This object was light gray and circular.  Seagulls are common here but it did not waver or move erratic as they do.  It was obvious this object was moving in a direct line westward.  I then noticed another object of the same description in what appeared to be about a quarter mile a part traveling same direction and speed as the first.  Other than the small plane's engine, there were no other sounds of aircraft.  However, my years around all types of aircraft left me with the certainty that these two objects were not normal aircraft.  There were no distinctive markings, lights, or other features; just to very light gray circular objects.