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UFO Reports

South Australia Sightings

Source: Filer's Files #13 -- 2001; March 27, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com   http://www.filersfiles.com

Dave writes, "The first time I saw a UFO was when I was fourteen years old in 1979. I was walking home about 9.25 PM when a shadow went over my head.  I cringed and looked up and saw this incredibly huge dark shape about 100 feet above me traveling north.  No sound, no lights -- nothing!  It scared the living daylights out of me.  I jumped into a bush and watched it pass by.  Its shape was circular.  I could see the stars outlined all around the object and it cast this monstrous shadow on the ground.  Best visual encounter I ever had in my life!  I stood there cowering in the bush till it had gone a few miles off and then ran like the wind home!  Sure, at the time I was scared, but I wonder what a UFO was doing around my neighborhood.  I live about five miles from the RAAF base Edinburgh and UFO's were seen near bases a lot. This is a "Weapons Research Establishment" (W.R.E. - now named DSTO of "Defence and Sciences Technology Organization") Its a hi-tech hub for defense research.  Several years ago a journalist disclosed while working on a corporate video for the DSTO he had entered an off-limits hangar that contained saucer shaped craft -- as he described it when noticed in hangar, he was swiftly escorted out and told not to talk about what he had seen.  Others have stated that there is a top secret project named "Project Apotheosis" that involves the transport of alien craft from the DSTO to another secret location.  Perhaps it was the DSTO that was the focus. After all, some of best defense projects in the world have come from there.

We had other sightings in the 70's as well of strange lights doing right angle turns.  The most recent sighting was last month while my brother and I watched a satellite pass overhead.  Suddenly a bright light "switched on" in our view up in the sky and became really bright, then moved across the sky at a great pace till it disappeared.  It took all of two to three seconds for it all to happen. It was like someone had kicked the engines to life and flattened the throttle. That's the best way I can describe it.  Thanks To Dave For His Report