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UFO Reports

Cylindars Sighted in Georgia

Source: Filer's Files #14 -- 2000, April 3, 2001
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State MUFON Director of Georgia and former Police Chief, Tom Sheets writes, "On Monday morning March 26, 2001, I opened my current batch of email and found a preliminary morning report from John Bodin, Sr., MUFONGA's DD for South Georgia."  John indicated that he had gone out right after dawn for his normal morning walk; the weather was crisp and clear with a crystal blue sky.  Off to the SE he noticed an aircraft's contrail similar to those he had noticed during the past weekend.  He also observed that the aircraft appeared to be lower in altitude than when such vapor trails are normally formed.  The metallic aircraft color was readily apparent in the sunlight, and the contrail was white against the blue sky.  Suddenly the contrail stopped, and at this point the aircraft appeared to be about the size of a pencil eraser head at arm's length but incredibly, the aircraft seemed to have almost halted in the sky.  John watched as the contrail dissipated right up toward the back of the aircraft.  He also noticed that the body of the aircraft seemed a little too long as compared to others he had observed.  At that point, he realized there were no wings attached to the fuselage.  He continued his observation for 6 to 7 minutes until, moving very slow, it was lost from view with no change in it's appearance.

Upon receiving the above report from John about 10:00 AM, I noticed that the skies above Fayetteville and the Atlanta area 15 miles to the North, were full of jet aircraft making a very obvious checkerboard pattern of vapor trails (the sky was FULL).  Inspection of these via binoculars and video zoom over the next few hours indicated they appeared to be the normal contrail vapor formations, slowly drifting more or less eastwards.  Due to the aerial activity, this writer alerted other MUFONGA members in the Atlanta area.  SSD/FI David Brown of Norcross (northern Atlanta suburbs) then indicated he would be outside most of the day and would conduct surveillance and report
back later. 

Later Monday afternoon John Bodin was in contact with MUFONGA SSD/FI Michael D. Hitt of Roswell, GA, (north Atlanta suburban area) regarding a separate long-term investigation that is underway.  Michael, a Roswell, Georgia police officer, then indicated that he had observed something very similar to John's event earlier in the day while on patrol duty.  Officer Hitt indicated that at about 11:45 AM, he had been called to Roswell Police Headquarters.  Enroute, he noticed an aircraft slowly flying S to N a little lower than is normal for that area, the aircraft being clearly visible in the bright sun.  As he watched, he noticed that it appeared to have no wings or tail structures, and that another unusual effect was noticed.  There appeared to be a 'heat-like' emanation given off from the fuselage and then the aircraft vanished.  Michael indicated that he became aggravated that there was no way he could have turned his dash-mounted police videocam onto the craft.  The skies over Roswell were also clear at that time, as in the rest of Georgia, with a mild to moderate wind from the NW. 

About 3:00 AM on March 28, 2001, I received an email report from David Brown of Norcross.  He indicated in his report that due to the alert, he too had been observing this aerial activity i.e., checkerboard patterns, and that an aircraft appeared not to have wings.  Further that at times, some aircraft seemed to be working in pairs.  David also described that one aircraft appeared to have a 'haze like' sheath around it, seemingly not part of the vapor trail, and while watching that, another craft suddenly appeared going in the opposite direction, again with a 'haze-like' effect around it. (David had no knowledge at that time about Michael Hitt's description of the 'heat-like' emanations observed in the craft over Roswell.)    Later David observed a night flight of apparent C-130 Hercules aircraft flying in the direction of nearby Dobbins AFB.  These were followed by a number of helicopters flying in the same direction.  He contacted the PIO and ATC at Dobbins AFB to discuss these matters, but was not given any information relating to the flights or the other aerial activities.

David indicated he had made some video tape of this activity, and this will be under review in the coming days.  Please note that these events are similar to that observed and reported by MUFONGA HQs personnel on July 17, 2000, some 81 miles NW of Chattanooga Tennessee on I-24.  (See MUFON Journal Sept. 2000 and Filer's Files).  Brief recap; Sheets, Ausmus and Clifford observing contrail formations in the KY-TN State line area, then later observed contrail producing aircraft HALT it's vapor trail, flying on for a few hundred meters, then completely vanishing from the sky, instantly.  This aircraft too was in clear blue sunlit sky and blatantly obvious to the observers.  Since 2000, this writer has noticed a few other postings from individuals across the USA describing similar observations: Interrupted contrails and vanishing aircraft.  While MUFONGA does not rule out tricks of light and shadow or optical illusion, it is still obvious that something is not quite 'right' about these events, especially the recent Georgia observations. MUFONGA is aware of the current rumors and discussions regarding our military aviation forces possessing an active aircraft camouflage system.  If this is so and these events are examples, perhaps the system was malfunctioning this past Monday, or some form of experiments were possibly being conducted.  We have also discussed the possibility of 'morphing' UFOs.