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UFO Reports

Cylinder Seen in Washington State

Source: Filer's Files #14 -- 2000, April 3, 2001
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UNION/PULLMAN/WHITMAN COUNTY -- A coworker his son were driving with his girlfriend at 6:00 P.M. on March 10, 2001.  They saw a red light in the sky and they thought it was an airplane.  Then a few seconds later, they saw a big circle of red lights that got closer to ground.  Other cars were behind them and all slowed down to look, but due to the traffic on the highway, they couldn't stop. 

SEATTLE -- Two days later, a witness says, "My girlfriend works nights and leaves our West Seattle home at about 11:45 P.M. each weeknight. After she leaves, I often go out on the back porch to write in my journal.  The porch faces west, overlooking Blake and Vashon Islands and Puget Sound.  I had just stepped out on the porch and was admiring the clear night sky when an object traveling very, very fast crossed from the South to the North.  I realized that it was flying within earth's atmosphere.  It had at least three distinguishable bright orange lights in an oblong formation. It was too dark for me to make out the outline of the vessel itself.  It flew at about the height on the horizon, but was totally silent and at about ten times faster -- it took about 10 seconds for it to cross the sky. To reconfirm my thought that it could not possibly be a plane that had just passed, moments later one in fact did fly by (presumably coming from SeaTac airport as they often do), and I could make out its shape, hear it clearly, and it was much slower than what I had just seen. I wrote: March 13, 2001,: 3:50 AM.  It's dark and I just saw something cruise through the night sky that had orange lights and was very, very fast and completely silent.  A plane just flew by, too, but slower -- much slower -- and I could hear it pass.  It must have been a satellite but it seemed so close and flew south to north over Puget Sound." I talked to Peter Davenport and he indicated the witness is an excellent source of objective information.  Very lucid, very eloquent, and a very clear on the object that was observed. It is noteworthy that this report strongly suggests that there were multiple, individual lights on this object.