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UFO Reports

UFO Sends Flare of Light Towards Observers

Source: Patricia (patricia@massagemag.com)

I was up James Gilliland's ranch in Washington, over the weekend for a brief visit. On Saturday night, James and I were upstairs for a minute and heard his friend Paul outside yelling excitedly. We ran out on the deck and looked up and saw a bright glowing light traveling up from the far horizon, high up in the night sky, arcing across the sky. It was moving slow enough that you had about five minutes to watch it cross the sky.

It was clearly not a plane (too bright, no flashing lights), and it was not a satellite (again, way too bright). It was the brightest object in the sky.

Beyond what you could see, as I stood on the deck watching it, I was overcome with this cascade of energy from my head down to my toes, like being washed in a shower of sparkling golden globes of light, with energy pulsing through my entire body. I felt this immense joy and love and lightness, this radiance.

There was the excitement of seeing this object but then the energy surge was something altogether unexpected. As I felt this, Paul began yelling that he was getting pulses of energy as well, and James (who had run to get the video camera and set it up on the ground outside the house) was videoing it and called out that the object had sent a pulse directly at the camera. We hadn't seen it with our eyes, but he said he saw it through the camera lens and felt it (this was what we had felt as well). As it reached the far horizon it faded from view.

What I can't get over is how 'they' (those in the object) know we are aware of them and send us energy, or maybe we just tap into them and feel what they are about. I don't know, I just know it was an awesome experience.

Later we all stood outside, gathered around the fire, and marveled at what we had seen and felt.  A little later we viewed the video footage and could clearly see the object shoot a brilliant diffused flare of light toward camera. Amazing.

I also got to watch the footage of the March 10 landing, which was really something else. It is definitely worth seeing. I got chills watching it - was just amazing.