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UFO Reports

Arkansas Airshow: Eight Disc-Shaped UFOs

Source: Filer's Files #15 -- 2000; April 10, 200; Majorstar@aol.com

HOT SPRINGS -- I was at work pulling shopping carts inside on March 23, 2001, as my job requires, when an older gentleman said, "What the HELL!'" Concerned for customer safety, I looked around and saw the gentleman looking into the sky.  I looked up also at 7:23 PM.  About 500 feet in the air were eight crafts that appeared to be making high-speed ninety degree (90 degree) turns.  The gentleman noticed me watching and asked me if I saw them too.  I replied with a, "Yes sir!" and then proceeded to ask him, "What are they?''  He replied, "I don't know." We watched these acrobatic crafts for almost seven minutes before six of them shot off to the North at an astounding rate of speed.  The other two craft just sat and hovered for a minute or so and then shot off the West just as fast as the six to the North did. I have seen aircraft like F-16's make turns but not as sharp or perfectly cornered as these craft seemed to be doing. 

Editor's Note:  Large mothership cigar shaped UFOs have been seen more often lately perhaps due to severe solar storms.  Smaller disc craft are often seen leaving and entering these motherships.