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UFO Reports

More Phoenix Lights

Submitted by C. Timm

It's taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts together about this sighting we saw on the night of April 19th.  I'll try and give you the "black and white" details although there were also feelings connected with this odd occurrence and I'd like to state initially that I never believed in, nor am I sure now, that this was anything to do with UFOs.

This event occurred in East Mesa near McKelleps and Power.  There is a huge field next to the development here although the lights were above the homes rather than the field.

A year ago (March), I was alone when I saw the same type of sighting.  Both my daughters were with me on the 19th of April when the 3 of us saw the same thing.

There were approximately 6 lights that flew in a circle.  Their shape was oval and about 10 times the size of the moon which of course was much higher.  I attempted to shoot a photo but they were too light to pick up with my lens.  There were no light beams coming from the ground nor were there any to be seen from above but they continued in a circular motion.  In addition to the motion, two lights would fly into each other then part.  They were subtle, not bright and when they went behind a cloud, there were easier to see.  We were on my patio most of the time but went to the front of the house and watched the event which continued for at least an hour. Unlike last year, when I went into my house then came back out again they began to disappear.  This time, however, they continued their circular (huge) circle.

Both my daughters and I felt this was a personal experience.  I realize most agencies don't want to hear words like "felt" and "personal" but there was a strong connection.  All three of us were opposed to going to get a neighbor to view this event.  My friend Pattie McLaine suggested I contact you about this but again, I'm not sure what it was but none of us believe it was something from this planet that could create such an event.