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UFO Reports

Camouflaged UFO

Submitted by: Jen Michener (jmichener@interhop.net)

I'm kind of uncomfortable speaking about the incident that happened here where I live with my family.  I live in Ontario, Canada about three and a half hours away from Toronto. There has been a lot of weird stuff happening in the past two to three years.  Most recently the past 2 months there has been an incident where my neighbor and myself and a friend who come to visit have seen something weird.

This particular incident had occurred at three o'clock in the morning when I was leaving my neighbors house two doors over from mine.  I noticed that there was a strange light above my house and my neighbors directly in front of me.  The light was being smothered by a huge thick black cloud. It looked like a light that a lighthouse gives off.  First of all there are no towers or buildings here where I live to give off that sort of light. We also heard a strange sound coming from the cloud above us it was like thunder and a car starting up together. It then had stopped that noise and then started this buzzing electrical sound. The thunderous sound continued for about 8 times repeating the whole thing all over again. 

I then at that time decided that I was going home because it freaked me out so much. However my neighbor decided to stay awake and go back in her house. She has a huge bay window in the back of her living room and the curtains were wide open. This ship moved slowly towards the back of our homes and creates this cloud like stuff in front of itself so that no one could see what it was. Fortunately my friend did see it. She said that it was about the size of a football field from the front that isn't including the part that was concealed in the cloud.  Then as it stopped out in the back it hovered there and then shot out this cluster of multicolored balls of light then the balls separated and started going in all different directions this event occurred for at least one hour. While this was happening I was in my home in bed and heard the buzzing sound my windows were slightly shaking and then nothing. 

The next day my friend told me what had happened after the ship and the balls of light left, planes flew overhead in the same location as where the ship was hovering. Talk about one freaky morning. The size of this thing compared to us if it had chose to land we would have been eliminated.