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Mystery Disc Spotted in Australia

Source: Filer's Files #25 -- 2001; June 18, 2001
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Melbourne -- Many Melburnians thought they had become characters in an episode of the US series, 'The X-Files,' at the weekend after seeing what they believed was a UFO.  More than 20 people from Melbourne's southeastern suburbs reported a dark, gray disc flying in the skies near Ringwood, Wantirna, Knox and Lilydale about 9:30 on Saturday night, June 16, 2001.  The National Space Center, in central Victoria, registered 24 calls from people who all described similar details of a flying object in the sky.  Ross Dowe from the center said it was first thought the object was the blimp, but upon analysis it appeared to be too small.  "The object appeared to be round or saucer shape with silver sides," Mr. Dowe said.  "It also appeared to have a small dome underneath with half a dozen large lights on the circumference on the main body of the disc."  Dianne McCool from Wantirna, who was in her back yard, said she saw the object come up from behind gum trees in her garden about 9.50 P! M. Thanks to Cameron Smith The Melbourne Herald, Victoria, 6/18/01 and Farshores UFO Dimension - www.100megsfree4.com/farshores/