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UFO Reports

Ohio Disc Sighting in 1933

Source: Filer's Files #26 -- 2001; June 25, 2001
George Filer (Majorstar@aol.com)

GIBSONBURG -- John Schuessler reports he received the following report from a 78 year old.  The witness states, in 1933, I was ten years old and returning from school in one block from my home at 424 W. Stevenson Street.  I heard a whining sound and looked up, passing from south to north I saw two discs connected by a thin shaft moving slowly through the air.  I could not guess the height or size of the discs.  At the time I was deeply in the hobby of building model airplanes, the balsam and tissue paper variety with rubber band motors.  I ran home and told my mother I had seen a different model airplane.  She dismissed my story as imagination.  I have searched through libraries to see if I could see a picture in books like the discs I had seen to no avail.  I am now almost 78 years old and have never forgotten this.  I am a retired FBI agent and was not dreaming when I saw what I saw.  Thanks to John Schuessler MUFON HQ Shoot1066