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UFO Reports

UFOs Sighted Near Volcano in Mexico

Source: Filer's Files #27 -- 2000; July 2, 2001

Troy Allen reports since June 25, 2001, he is observing UFOs over Popocatpétl near Mexico City almost daily from the volcano's observation camera.  Over sixty UFOs have been seen in recent weeks.  The volcano is active and dark objects can be seen flying around the area.  UFO s appear to have an interest in the volcano since the December 21, 1994, eruption, ending decades of slumber. RI MUFON's Janet Bucci indicates she saw UFOs at the site on July 3, 2001. Small elliptical colored light that changes color (green, blue, pink, purple, yellow) that is more or less stationary (sometimes it moves a little bit, or is closer or further away from the webcam lens) and a larger roundish or flattened whitish light that moves from snapshot to snapshot and is much closer to the forefront (sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not). Photos are available at: http://looknowings.homestead.com/camview.html and http://www.communities.msn.com/spyman2002_whatsnew.msn.  http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/!mvolcan.html