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UFO Reports

Michigan Sighting Events: Part One of Three

By Judy Kulka, MUFON Field Investigator

Type of Report: Aerial Sightings; Animal Effect; Physiological Effect
Date of Event(s): November 16, 1999
Time of Event:      7-7:30 PM EST

Place(s) of Sighting:   Torch Lake Township and Central Lake Township in Antrim County, Michigan, and Green Lake Township, Grand Traverse County, Michigan.

Local Evaluation: Significant: Grouped multiple witnesses CE and DE

Shortly after 7 PM EST on November 16, 1999, at least 11 individuals in Michigan's Antrim and Grand Traverse counties witnessed unexplained sightings of an aerial object.

The first witness to come to my attention was a woman from Kewadin, Michigan, who had called the UFO Reporting Center, in Seattle, WA.  Peter Davenport, Director of the UFO Reporting Center, played an audio "clip" of her verbal report in the early morning hours of November 17, 1999 on Art Bell's Coast to Coast radio program.  Fortunately, my husband was listening to the program, and taping it, at approximately 2 AM.  He awoke me with the startling "news." I requested that he save the tape and I would listen to it in the morning.

In the tape I listened to the next morning, the voice of the witness reported a very large lighted object hovering over treetops at shortly after 7 PM EST on November 16, 1999.  The description of what she and the others in her car had seen lasted about two minutes. She stated she had gotten out of the car when they saw the "humongous" object hovering in front of them.  She reported a green light, (a lot of green) and some white behind it. It appeared to be larger than two football fields, and larger than her clenched fist at arm's length.  She said it floated slowly over the treetops; it glided and was perfectly round; it made no noise.  It tilted to the side, nose-dived, then disappeared.  She said she didn't believe in UFO's.

I sent an e-mail to Peter Davenport, Director of the UFO Reporting Center, telling him I was a MUFON Field Investigator in the Kewadin, Michigan area, and if he could send me the name and phone number of the witness I would attempt to follow up on her report.

A day or so later I received an e-mail back from Peter with the name and phone number of the witness.  I phoned the witness, CC.  After I explained who I was and why I was calling, CC agreed to an interview.

CC explained she was driving east on Nichols Road toward US-31. (Nichols Road is a short road in Antrim County, less than a mile in length that runs from near Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan, to US 31).  As they drove east, they could see odd-looking lights over the trees ahead of them and slightly to the right.  There were six persons in the car: the witness CC, a woman in her early thirties; her sister DB, also in her early thirties; their mother HM, age 57; the sister's two children, BB age 10 and his 5 year-old sister; CC's infant daughter.

The area where the sighting took place is rural and rural residential.  The land has low hills, farm fields, low brush, and trees.  A large landscape nursery is located just southeast of the intersection of Nichols Road and US-31. 

The mother, HM, saw the lights first. In fact, she told me during her interview she at first thought the landscape nursery had put up "some kind of fool Christmas lights."  But as they continued traveling east, she realized the lights were hovering over the trees.

As they got to the stop sign at US -31 (sighting location #1 on map), they could definitely tell the object was over the buildings immediately southeast of them, above the landscape nursery and just above treetop level.  The two sisters CC and DB decided to get out of the car to have a better look.  It was a very dark evening. The sun had set at about 5:30 PM EST.  CC recalled she put the car in "park".  She said there was no sound from the object.  The closest part of the object appeared to be about 65 feet from them.   It appeared to be just 10 to 15 feet above the trees, in front of the Little Dipper.  They saw no moon and no clouds.  It appeared to be huge, like the size of a football field. She saw "a string of about twelve lights".  They were evenly spaced and very bright.  Some of the lights were green and the rest were white.  The green lights were the color of the green lights of a stoplight.  CC stated it looked like they were "5-10 feet apart".  The white lights were very clear, like a spotlight.  It hurt her eyes to look at them.  The lights were moving north (to their left) very slowly and appeared to glide.  CC estimated they watched the object for 3-4 minutes. 

As they watched, it appeared to tip toward them, at which point they "freaked" and jumped back into the car. CC said at the point it "tipped" and they were jumping into the car, her mother, HM, saw lights "clear around on the other side."  CC could see the top of the object. She described it as being round like a plate. It then straightened out, glided east, "sort of leaped." and disappeared.  At first in their excitement they thought it might be a huge plane ready to crash.  They decided to drive the back roads in the area to see if they could see it again or whether it had crashed.  They did not see it again, or evidence of anything that had crashed.

CC gave me the names and telephone number of her sister DB and her mother HM and thought they probably would also be willing to give me a report about their sighting. 

I reached HM, the 57 year-old mother of  CC.  She described the event almost exactly as her daughter had, although she said it didn't scare her.  She also related that some years earlier (in approximately 1983) there was a strange incident at her house in which a terrible humming sound was heard outside at 3 AM. A high-pitched sound also was heard, and the house became unbearably hot.  The dog became very agitated, so they let it outdoors. The dog ran out, then froze, and would not move.  Neither HM nor her ex-husband had the courage to go out and investigate. She said she vowed at that time if anything "weird" ever happened to her again she was not going to be afraid and she was going to face it.