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UFO Reports

Michigan Sighting Events: Part Three of Three

The fire appeared to burn out and there appeared to be lights behind.  It appeared to have square windows all in a line.  It moved "slow".  She observed the object for several minutes from Duck Lake Road (approximately 25-30 miles southwest of sighting location #1) and thought the altitude appeared to be approximately 5000 feet.  She said it moved like a plane would that was approaching an airport to land.  Her teenaged daughter was in the car with her and also observed the object. The next day she discounted any thoughts of a UFO when she heard a disk jockey commenting on the radio that many people saw something unexplained over the Grawn area, and the official report was that it was a meteor.

I sent the last witness a MUFON UFO Sighting Questionnaire form to complete and sign since she was hesitant to meet for another face to face interview. (The first interview had been in the pharmacy at the time of my attempt to locate her initially.  Therefore the interview was brief and incomplete.)

By February 21, 2000 I still had not received the form back from SM, so I phoned her.  She admitted to feeling somewhat uncomfortable about completing and signing the form.  I emphasized to her that her name would be kept confidential if she wished.  By the end of our conversation she stated I could use her name if I wished, but I assured her it would be kept confidential because of her uncomfortable feelings.  During our conversation she shared a memory she had in the past of "sleep paralysis".  She described an incident where she was just awakening and thought she could feel a hand on the top of her head, but was unable to move.  She asked me if I had ever had such an experience because she understood it might be quite common.  I told her I read of others having had that sort of experience. When we finished talking, she said she planned to look for the form and send it back to me if she could find it.

Contributing to her discomfort about talking about her sighting apparently are things her husband has said to her about not talking to people about it because they'll think she's "nuts".  She has talked to her boss at the pharmacy, however, who shared with her a "dream" his 8 year-old daughter told them one morning about a spaceship.  He said they told her it was only a dream, but she insisted she had been awake!  When I asked the witness if she thought he would want to talk to anyone about it, she didn't think he would at this point, but she says she is keeping my card for future reference.

On November 20,1999 I made a call to the Northwestern Regional Airport, the closest airport to the areas where the sightings occurred.  I spoke with the supervisor of the Air Traffic Control Tower who said there was nothing reported to them by any pilot, and they do not have radar that could have detected objects in the areas of the sightings.  The closest radar center for this area is Minneapolis.  He said that often people confuse Air Force plane refueling for UFO's.  He returned my call later and said "Lansing" reported the object people saw that evening was a meteor.

On November 29, 1999 I made calls to the Traverse City TV stations.  One of the newsmen told me they had dozens of calls the evening of 11/16/99.  Most people saw colored lights, mostly greenish, then there was a "separation" like lights breaking up.  The "official word" was that it was a meteor breaking up.

 On December 6, 1999 I called the US Coast Guard Operations center after learning that CC, the witness who called the National UFO Reporting Center, had obtained the phone number from the Coast Guard.  I spoke with the US Coast Guard operations director who told me they had two planes up that evening because of all the calls from people who saw something that looked like an airplane on fire. He was the pilot of one of the planes. He told me they confirmed it was not an aircraft on fire.  He said "Lansing" reported it was a meteor.  He would not say what he personally thought it was.  He said he and the other pilot viewed it with night vision goggles, and he repeated they confirmed it was not an aircraft on fire.                 

On December 12, 1999 I phoned one of the owners of the landscape nursery over whose home and business the object of "sighting location # 1" was seen.  The home sits in the center of the landscape nursery area.  The owner said a neighbor had reported to them that a UFO had been seen over their house at shortly after 7 PM the evening of 11/16/99, but they neither saw nor heard anything, and they were home at the time. She said they didn't leave the house until about 7:50 PM that evening.

After turning in my preliminary report, MUFON's Deputy Director of Investigations Dan Wright requested that I try to obtain data regarding the "official report" of a meteor breaking up or an "earth grazer" (as reported in the 11/18/99 news article).  I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to get "official " information.  I discovered an e-mail address for questions to NASA.  Rather than answer my inquiry, they referred me to CUFOS.  Neither CUFOS nor myself understands why I was referred to them instead of receiving information directly from NASA.

So what was it that was seen by the witnesses?   Meteors that have square windows?  "Earth grazers" with distinct lights? A meteor gliding slowly over treetops or 5 feet off the ground moving south to north?  (The "official" report described the object moving from west to east.) Why did NASA not respond to my inquiry, other than referring me to the Center for UFO Studies?  

The witnesses sincerely know what they saw and are credible.