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UFO Reports

UFORC Reports on New Jersey Sighting

Source: National UFO Reporting Center


100 Date: 07/15/01
110 Time: 22:00
120 Duration: 5 mins
130 Sighting City: Manhatten
140 Sighting State: ny
168 Number of Craft: 7
170 Witnesses: 5
172 Shape: Light
180 Description: 7 mysterious objects seen over New Jersey skyline.


I was on the Throgs Neck Bridge going to New York off Interstate 95 on July 16 2001 about 10:00 to 11:00 PM. I encountered 7 lights in the New Jersey Skyline on my right side.. 6 of objects we very close together and seemed as if they were not moving. The largest object was by itself and it was brighter and appeared bigger then the rest of the objects encountered. As i moved over the bridge my vision of the objects had disappeared and i could no longer see the objects. The next day i heard on a Radio Station about the same encounter i had seen and this is what made me repor this sighting.


100 Date: 07/15/01
110 Time: 00:25
120 Duration: 20 Minutes
130 Sighting City: Carteret
140 Sighting State: nj
150 Sighting Zip: 07008
160 Sighting County: Middlesex
168 Number of Craft: 1
170 Witnesses: 90
172 Shape: Other
180 Description: UFO spotted over Carteret, Linden, Woodbridge.


It was a diamond shaped craft but more of a V on one end. Hovering over Arthur Kill River, Carteret, NJ and between the Amoco Oil storage plants and the Elizabeth Consolidated Energy Plant. Object seemed to glow and hover about 500-1000 ft in the air(not accuracte). Lights were pulsating from orange to bright yellow and had no noise. Object seemed 6-8 times larger than the size of regular aircrafts flying through at their regular height. Witnesses include about 80-90 people pulled over on the NJ Turnpike between exits 12 & 13. Carteret residents on the northern End of West Carteret and Carteret may have seen it.


100 Date: 7/16/2001
110 Time: 12:40 AM
130 Sighting City: Carteret
140 Sighting State: nj
168 Number of Craft: 4-5
170 Witnesses: Over 100
172 Shape: Formation
180 Description: Orange lights hovering over Carteret NJ in V formation


I wish I have seen it too. Anyway I would like to re-cap the facts presented by different people so far in regards to these observations:

The sighting was collective. About 75 cars stopped on the highway to view the lights and 15 people in different locations who have noticed it independently of each other and called the Cartret police department. According to reports police officers themselves saw the lights as well.

Whatever this was, it must have been very close to the ground, as only people at Pert Amboy, Raritan Bay, and Carteret NJ, but not in any other neighboring towns, saw it.

The descriptions all point to orange redish radial self contained lights in a V and then Diamond v-shaped formation. This does not convincingly correspond to any possibility of projected light from the ground or Aurora Borialis as some suggested.

It would be very interesting to know whether the coast guard or the Newark airport radars have picked up anything unusual at that time.

It is also interesting to find out if any of the people heard anything at all while making this observation (such as a chopper or plane sound) especially considering the concluded low altitude of these lights.