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UFO Reports

Return of the Westchester Wing: New Jersey Lights

Source: Filer's Files #29 -- 2000; July 15, 2001

CARTERET -- Peter Davenport, Chuck Warren, WABC, CNN, and New Jersey FM 101.5 have reported that a large UFO was sighted near the Newark Airport on July 15, 2001.  Numerous large bright lights were reported in a flying triangle pattern moving above the New Jersey Turnpike around 12:30 AM on Sunday morning July 15, 2001.  Peter Davenport received several reports from witnesses to a cluster of an estimated 15 to 30 golden, or orange, lights hovering and moving slowly near Newark.  The witnesses were traveling south on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Witnesses had asserted that upwards of 100 cars were seen stopped on the highway, and many of their occupants were standing outside the vehicles, apparently watching the peculiar, V-formation of lights.  The Newark Star Ledger carried an article about the alleged incident in its July 16 issue, and it reports that the police department in Carteret, NJ, located just to the southeast of Newark Airport, received dozens of calls about the incident.  In addition, CNN TV-affiliate station, WNY, in New York City covered the sighing.  Peter and Chuck contacted me and notified me that New Jersey FM 101.5 carried the story on the news beginning each hour.  Many callers to the station reported seeing a huge object. 

Some eye witnesses claim to have seen a structure, others did not. Astronomers claimed there was no meteorite activity.  FAA claimed no aircraft were airborne in the area.  Some of the witnesses were emotionally shaken by the event, although the nature of it is yet to be determined.  The sighting of a flying triangle UFO was shown on New York City TV station WNBC-TV and several other New York stations.  The sighting was reported and videotaped by a Carteret Police Officer.  The video was shown and the police officer along with several town residents including the Mayor were interviewed.  The video was of excellent quality and showed a dark triangular shaped object against a brighter nighttime sky.  The object had bright white lights on each corner. It was moving too slowly to be identified as a meteor and NASA confirmed that it was not space debris.  Its movements and lighting configuration were also not consistent with aircraft.  David Stich, who was interviewed by the Newark Star Ledger, said, "He saw the bursts of light from those flares didn't look to him like spotlights or anything else he could recognize."

I interviewed the Right Reverend, Chubenko (who has higher rank than Monsignor in the Ukrainian Church) by phone who also saw the object.  He sent me the following e-mail.  I wanted to report this sighting, since it occurred at approximately 12:45 AM July 15, 2001, over the town of Carteret, New Jersey.  I am an Orthodox Ukrainian priest -- and my son (who is a funeral director was going out on a death call) gets in touch with me via his cell phone at about 12:40 and tells me I need to get dressed quickly and come outside.  He was just getting ready to get on to the New Jersey Turnpike when he saw a huge collection of lights numbering about 30 + over the town of Carteret, and, specifically over the "Carteret Shoprite Shopping Center."  I immediately put on a pair of shorts and slippers and went outside.  By this time, my son was standing in front of the rectory (which is aside of the church) and was pointing to the series of lights moving in an easterly direction towards Staten Island.  The Lights were arrayed in a series of triangular forms, but I only counted 13 or 14 lights.  I say 13 or 14 because I was so taken by them that I didn't want to take my eyes off of them to count them twice.  The entire group of lights was moving from right to left (east) and totally in unison.  As they were moving, a light would "drop" a "new" light from it (less intense than itself) and the "new" light would fade away.  Immediately after that, the light that just "dropped" the new light would also fade out. This happened about five times as the collection of lights continued to move. As the entire sequence of lights continued to move behind the buildings to my immediate left, I had to move to our parking lot to see them and as I did, I began to lose sight of the group of lights until there was only one light and then none at all.

This was the strangest phenomenon I have ever seen.  I estimate that the lights were no more than 3-4000 feet above the town.  I am a private pilot, so I have a little idea of height and some sense of distance in the sky. These lights made absolutely no noise and moved with such precision that they resembled a huge craft, yet I get the sense that they were individual lights and not one large craft.  They definitely were not a meteor shower as a neighbor of mine neither yelled to me nor were they stars moving.  They were a "calculated" series of high intensity lights moving in a specific direction.  At this point, I can only call them UFO's and that they definitely were.  I only wish I knew what they were doing here?  If anyone else saw them or can explain their purpose, I certainly would be interested in hearing about it.  Thanks to Rt. Rev. Taras Chubenko, Pastor, St. Demetrius Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral 645 Roosevelt Ave.  Carteret, NJ 07008.  The sky was totally clear - no wind - stars were visible in the sky as well as approaching aircraft to Newark.  There were no aircraft in the vicinity of the "lights" and my son commented that the airplanes which were on approach to Newark airport were lower than usual.  Thanks to Rt. Rev. Taras Chubenko.

Editor's Note:  I had a long talk with Father Chubenko who is an excellent witness and was also trained as an electrical engineer.  He estimated the lights were 400 to 500 yards apart and connected to the same object, since they did not change their relative position and brightened and dimmed together.  It looked like a huge triangle of lights.  I asked if the lights might be flares dropped from aircraft?  He felt this was impossible because the lights brightened and dimmed in a synchronized operation.  It was obvious all the lights were connected to the same object.  Multiple witnesses also claim they do not believe these were parachute flares, blimps, or other similar phenomena.  I'm driving up to interview several witnesses tomorrow and trying to get a copy of the videotape made by Carteret Police.  Thanks to Peter Davenport and Chuck Warren.http://www.UFOcenter.com Hotline: 206-722-3000