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UFO Reports

OBOLs in Western Australia

Source: Brian Richards (brianr@cleo.murdoch.edu.au)

Had a report of three orange/yellow lights travelling east to west from Kelmscott near Perth, Western Australia to the coast at around 10pm (local time),Tuesday July 17. Witnesses said the lights kept changing positions as they moved steadily westwards. Nearly all reports of orange balls of light (OBOLS) are dismissed by Western Australia Police, Aviation authorities and Observatory officials as hot air balloons - in other words, garbage bags powered by fire-lighters let off by prankster school kids. We know that many reports just don't fit this bill.

Further to my report below another witness from Westfield near Kelmscott W.Australia described seeing 3 OBOLS (orange balls of light) travelling East to West around 10pm on Tues 17 July 2001. Almost overhead two of the orange red orbs stopped, the third going on ahead. After a few minutes one of the stationary orbs took off at great speed catching up the first one. The remaining light overhead and the other two moving westwards all seemed to switch of simultaneously and were lost from view. The witness who works with aircraft and  normally fairly sceptical about such things, felt these objects were under some sort of intelligent control

The following night Wed.18th July 2001 between 11.05 and 11.25pm local time, six witnesses from Armadale, Western Australia reported seeing 5 OBOLS travelling East - West, changing positions as they went. Somewhere over the Indian Ocean two of the lights continued West as the other three 'blinked out' together.