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UFO Reports

California UFO State of Mind

Source: Filer's Files #29 -- 2000; July 15, 2001

1) SACRAMENTO -- ISUR reports that on Friday, July 6, 2001, at about 6:00 PM, the witness stepped outside of her home in Carmichael and noticed a round object hovering over the treetops to the east.  The witness indicated that the object was bright and shiny, but appeared to be rotating as it changed from shiny to an almost black color.  She observed it for at least 5+ minutes and added that there appeared to be no lights or other structure, just a round object.  There was a haze or some sort of aura around it, and no sound was detected.  She estimated it may have been a few hundred feet above the treetops, perhaps a mile away, and about the size of an aspirin held at arm's length.  The object seemed to fade into the clouds after about 5+ minutes of observation.  After this event, the witness contacted the local news station and was advised that no other reports had been received.  This witness provided ISUR with a brief but concise and well written report, she was willing to coo! perate in a more in-depth investigation with MUFON of California.  Although she had been a 'skeptic,' but knew what she saw!  Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board, State Director-MUFONGA

2)WOODLAND HILLS - Tom writes that on June 29, 2001, at approximately 8:30 PM. my friend and I were just leaving my house to go to work when he pointed to distant object in the sky.  It was close to dusk and the object was backlit by the sunset and looked to be due north of us on the opposite side of the San Fernando Valley.  The craft was hovering over the Santa Susana Pass about three miles away and about 2000 feet altitude.  This is a test site for Rockwell International, now a subsidiary of Boeing.  We saw a dark, diamond-shaped silhouette about size of a mini-van.  The weather was clear and this was not an atmospheric anomaly. What immediately struck me about the object was its apparent solidity and unnatural motionlessness.  Both my friend and I have worked around aircraft.  It produced no exhaust plume nor any other atmospheric disturbance and we could not hear any noise produced by any means of propulsion. 

We observed the object for a total of about 15 minutes, during which it did not move.  However, after five minutes we noticed a slight bobbing, which would was a few feet of vertical movement.  It was sudden and unnatural, as if the object were about to fall but was able to catch itself and regain altitude.  My girlfriend and her friend also saw the object.  Neither of them knew what to make of it either so we drove towards the pass.  When we got about a mile away. we saw three helicopters approach and circle the object at a distance of a few hundred feet.  They Helicopters were flying with navigation lights and appeared larger than the object, but night was falling fast and the object did not have any lights.  We lost sight of the object behind some trees and after the area came back up in our line of sight, the helicopters were circling alone.  I parked the car over a a mile away from the Santa Susana Pass and we watched the helicopters leave. 

My mother saw a similar dark, diamond-shaped object without lights twice during the last two weeks around dusk.  She was over the 5 and 118 Freeway Interchange and she phoned several coworkers who were heading for work who also saw it.  My father claims no Boeing aircraft were flying during these periods.  What puzzles me is what purpose it would serve flying over the San Fernando Valley, riling up helicopters for an intercept?  Thanks to hedonisme@earthlink.net