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UFO Reports

United Kingdom UFO Wave

Source: Filer's Files #28 -- 2000; July 8, 2001

LONDON -- Russel Callaghan writes that UFO Magazine has been presented with some amazing daylight UFO footage recorded over Lewisham, London on July 1st 2001. Whatever Christopher filmed brings back some of the dozens of reports we have seen describing 'Boomerang or Triangular' UFOs.  You can watch the video at www.ufomag.co.uk.

WEST WILTSHIRE -- An UFO was spotted June 13, 2001, by two sets of witnesses over Semington and Trowbridge between 10:20 and 11:10 PM.  Eyewitness Roger White saw a bright light at 11:10 PM over Semington. "It seemed to be moving slowly," he said. "At first I thought it was a planet but it was too bright."  A strange craft was reported 50 minutes later at around by four people in Trowbridge. Witness Nichola Winney said the object featured three lights in a triangle formation. She said it blocked out the stars as it passed overhead, making a soft droning sound as it moved. A UFO for sure, then.

DERBYSHIRE DALES -- The Matlock Mercury News of July 5, 2001, reports, L. Alison (29) of Lant Lane says "I was watching Big Brother and nothing usually drags me away from that!" she joked.  Software sales executive Alison watched the UFO for around 30 seconds at 10:35 PM.  She described it as disk-shaped and having four green flashing lights, arranged in a square.  "I'm not a freak!" she insisted. "I'm not mad and I've never ever seen anything like this before.  "It was huge and must have been 1,000 feet high.  It was nothing like an airplane or star. Someone else must have seen it."  The craft made no movement. Alison stepped outside to call her boyfriend from their garage so he could share in the strange close encounter.  L. Alison's sighting is now the 27th in the Derbyshire Dales since last September.  The region is becoming widely known as a UFO hotspot among enthusiasts and features extensively on websites all over the world.  Fox TV in America is filming a documentary about the famous Bonsall sighting in October and Nottingham's Four Sheets Films is shooting another about the wider picture.