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UFO Reports

Update on Mt. Adams UFO Sightings

Source: webmaster@cazekiel.org
On July 19th, near 11:00 PM (PST), a large ship flew in from the South over the Gilliland Ranch in Trout Lake Washington, expanding into a brilliant yellow-orange light, then dimmed out as it left the area. It is on film. There were also large light ships filmed over Mt Adams. Several other high flyers displayed incredible speeds and turns some making complete U turns. Tom Dongo, a well known UFO investigator, spent two weeks at the ranch and will return to Sedona MUFON with some incredible footage.

On July 22nd at 12:30 PM over Trout Lake airport, a guest was taking off in his small plane. A UFO flew directly underneath the plane. There was ground
contact with the plane and three guest were witness to the UFO staying right under the plane. The pilot turned and circled to try to see the UFO but it stayed directly underneath him. Seems like they have a sense of humor. The same pilot saw a UFO the previous night over Mt. Adams. It lit up, sent down a beam, then dropped down into the same beam and took off. He was very skeptical at first, yet now he is a believer.

July 23rd a massive triangular ship came in from the North going South. It was met by a golden colored smaller ship. Both are captured on film. There
were 5 witnesses, one of which is a news reporter. The film shows three distinct lights in an enlogated triangle that moved in unison, keeping their exact distance. When directly overhead, a golden ship appeared from the South and seemed to check out the larger ship. At exactly 10:05PM, these events occurred just as told in advance by James Gilliland. There were high flyers all night darting about at the same time.
It was like a UFO smorgasbord.