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UFO Reports

Orbs in Georgia & Florida

Source: Filer's Files #30; July 22, 2001 http://www.filersfiles.com


ROSWELL -- On June 1, 2001, (Father's Day), a resident was in her backyard feeding raccoons in the woods when a green hovering ball of light suddenly appeared off to her left, very close and low at 10:42 PM.  Then, "as though a lens opened," the vicinity of the witness and the raccoons was illuminated by a soft greenish light.  Then within moments, the ball and illumination moved to the area of her neighbors property on her left where some trees had been removed.  The witness looked directly at the hovering light ball, and within a few moments it seemed to 'implode' and vanish, the soft greenish illumination also vanishing.  The witness indicated that she was sure of the location of the ball directly over her property, then her neighbor's place, perhaps 20 to 25 feet above the ground.  It moved about 30 feet away after moving over the property line.  The witness made direct eye contact with the green ball and for about five seconds and noticed that it appeared to have 2 or 3 horizontal slits in the middle.  It was several times her thumb size at arm's length with no sound.  Thanks to Tom Sheets MUFONGA


MIAMI -- Susan Cerdan reports a substitute teacher for Sebastian High School had a report by two teenage girls.  They were driving east on 512, on July 17, 2001, in Vero Lake Estates, just north of Vero Beach, at around 9:50 at night.  The driver saw an object out of the corner of her eye assuming it was the full moon.  She was with her sister who was looking straight at it who yelled, "oh wow!"  The object was big and bright yellow, moving slowly eastward on a diagonal.  It looked like the full moon and in a flash it exploded (imploded)? And was gone.  The next night Channel 25 in West Palm Beach, the news anchor reported a woman had seen a UFO the same day, that was fiery and red/yellow, she heard an explosion and heard a splash, as it went into the ocean.  She later found some unusual rocks on the beach and had an expert from the local museum who claimed they were volcanic rock from off the coast of Florida?  Thanks to Susan Sunset Director/Founder The Florida UFO Research & Study Group sunset@sunet.net!