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UFO Reports

Argentina UFO Sighted by Police Officers

Source: Filer's Files #30 -- 2000; July 22, 2001

CACHI -- Two police officers confirm having been followed by a gigantic UFO for over one hour.  The police officers left Cachi at 3:00 AM, in car number 301, under the command of Sergeant Daniel Humberto Flores age 40. They took route 33, and observed a strange luminosity near the hills like a star, but much bigger. They said, "It was 20 meters in radius and of intense luminosity.  It came by our side at about 300 meters distance and accompanied us for well over one hour.  First we were curious, then we became excited, but finally we were victims of terror: The ship placed itself in front of us on the road and the car lights went out, the steering failed and the engine went dead.  It was almost 4 o'clock in the morning" related Ramiro Corimayo, a 27 year old assistant constable.  The event took place two months ago in May," said Corimayo.  "When we heard that the local mountaineer Antonio Zuleta had filmed a UFO we decided to reveal what we lived through.  We saw the film and ! in reality "the thing" was very similar." He stated, "The persistent bursts of light that came from that luminosity and gave out red, yellow, violet and green flashes of light.  Despite the light's power that lit everything it didn't blind us.  They stopped the car to determine its structure, but they only saw a round light. 

Thanks to  Kim Blanco kxblanco@ctrl.co.uk, Source El Tribunoof, 7/17/01. http://tribuno.salnet.com.ar/