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UFO Reports

Update on Australian Orbs

Source: Briam Richards ASPR/UFORUM(WA) (brianr@cleo.murdoch.edu.au)

Saturday 28th July 2001 my phone rang hot for two hours. Witness after witness reported five orange/amber lights (OBOLS) travelling from north to southeast over Waikiki and Warnboro near Rockingham to the south of Perth, W. Australia at around 8pm local time. The reports are too numerous to mention individually, but here is a transcript of one vital witnesses report:

<<Hello Brian,   Just after 8:00pm 28th July, 2001 our family were playing outside when we noticed firstly (5) bright lights in the sky.  They seemed very close at first and were aligned across the sky, then they changed to a V shape.  We thought it might be aeroplanes but there were no beeping lights, they seemed very strange indeed.  Too high to be helicopters but again no flashing lights.  No noise came from the lights. They then one by one departed higher and higher going south towards possible Albany.  Approx. 15 minutes later two more bright lights appeared. They seemed to come close at first and then again disappeared.   Again, about half an hour later another light appeared came close and then disappeared.   We phoned several places, UFO Reporting Line, Airport; they couldnt and wouldnt say anything. The police told us to ring the observatory, that was engaged. The airforce said there were no training sessions at night.  We were told there had been a lot of sightings last night from Waikiki.   Do you have any information on this?  Our family would be very interested in finding out further information.>>

ps. This lady's report is the same as all the others except there were no sightings on the 27th. Any information she has received from the 'Authorities' relates to the sightings  at 8pm and later on Saturday July 28th.

Note: One family was attracted to the lights by their dog barking. Other witnesses stated that one light sped ahead of the others as the 'leader' making the hot air balloon hypothesis a little shaky.