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UFO Reports

Florida Pinball Chases Car

Source: Filer's Files #31 -- 2000; July 29, 2001

GREEN SWAMP -- On July 13, 2001, two witnesses were driving home on State Road 474 west of Orlando at 9:30 P.M. when they noticed a pin ball like object.  While driving Witness #1 and his son (13 year old) saw a, 30 to 40 inch diameter ball in rear window of his automobile.  It was reflecting back the details of the rear lights of the car.  It was shimmering as they drove and they both had the feeling that they were being watched.  He drove faster thinking that "Something was coming on us."  As he looked at the rear view mirror the reflection was as a convex chromium surfaced object (pin ball) and he said he had difficulty focusing on it.  He thought the object to be 3 to 4 feet behind his car.  He said that there was something blocking the night sky as he looked up.  When they reached the end of the road they noted that there was an increase of light without any visible shadows.  Both witnesses were frightened.  When they examined the car upon arriving at home, there was noth! ing on the car or back window, no oily residue.  Investigator's note: The witnesses wanted this information to be recorded.  Witness #1 needed to talk to someone about this event.  He has had another sighting three years ago and could not share it with anyone.  He just recently became aware of MUFON and their hot line number here in the Tampa Bay area.  They do not want to have an investigation done at this time.  Thanks to Lorraine Gerber. Reported to Tampa Bay MUFON Hot line at(727)595-7964