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UFO Reports

Foreign Reports from Mexico and Nicaragua

Source: Filer's Files #31 -- 2000; July 29, 2001



Troy Allen called on July 30, 2001, to report he is monitoring the Popocatpétl Volcano video camera site near Mexico City on an almost daily basis.  The  volcano's observation camera is showing many UFOs often in a triangle formation.  Over seventy images of the UFOs have been seen in recent weeks.  Three dark UFOs can be seen flying around the area often in a triangle shape.  UFO s have had an interest in the volcano since the December 21, 1994, eruption, ending decades of slumber.  It is recommended not to approach the volcano to less than 12 km from the crater, although the way between Santiago Xalitzintla and San Pedro Nexapa, including Paso de Cortés, is open for controlled circulation.  RI MUFON's Janet Bucci indicates she saw UFOs at the site on July 3, 2001.  Small elliptical colored light that changes color (green, blue, pink, purple, yellow) that is more or less stationary and a larger roundish or flattened whitish light that moves from snapshot to snapshot.  There are often at least three UFOs in the photos at: http://looknowings.homestead.com/camview.html and http://www.cenapred.unam.mx/mvolcan.html. 


NORTH GRANADA -- Augusto Cermeño reporter from the El Nuevo Diario claims that UFOs are flying almost nightly over the El Domingazo neighborhood, according to the accounts provided by at least a dozen local residents.  One day we were approached by our friend Sebastián Arista Guadamuz, 38, who told us he, his wife and many other locals have seen flying saucers around 7:00 PM almost every night over a distillery. A round object flying over the neighborhood flew to the east. The Aristas' even say that their daughter saw the strange, saucer-shaped craft which crossed the sky, leaving two fiery tails in its wake.  Rosa Isabel Trejos Nuñez, 28, saw  "something like a fireball with a fiery tail" on Wednesday night.  "We also saw it pass in early December." She was calm and relaxed, stating that there is no fear whatsoever as a result of this nocturnal vision.  Alvaro Luisa says he and his sister saw "how something round broke off from the object and dropped downward on Wednesday night, on the south side.  It flew downward as though about to land. As it went down, the light became brighter, as thought it was looking for a runway."  The saucer was green in color, but as it went downward, an immense yellow light turned on." (snip.)

Thanks to Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Translation (C) 2001. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.