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UFO Reports

Secret UFO Flap in Canada

Source: www.Unknowncountry.com

Unknowncountry.com, among others, has received an e-mail from an anonymous person claiming to be an Ontario Provincial Police officer, saying that there is an unusual UFO flap taking place in Ontario that is being held secret by police.

--June 28. 5 Witnesses observe an orange glowing object 300 feet above a wooded area. The light varies and disappears.

--June 30. Many witnesses, including two officers. Five disks glowing orange are observed at tree level flying along Highway 9. Objects are large, "the size of six vehicles."

--July 1. A couple riding bikes in a wooded area observed a group of tall humanoid-shaped beings covered with brown hair. They appeared to be holding unusual devices. They fled into the woods upon observation.

--July 4. 3 farmers observe 3 metallic disks flying toward them at low altitude. The disks, which appeared to be about 20 feet in diameter, hovered at close range for 5 minutes.

--July 10. A black triangular object the size of a football field was observed low over a marsh. The object was black with white lights at each corner.

--July 11. A triangular object flies across Palmerston, Ontario. Same description as in the July 10 sighting. Moved slowly above local high school.

--July 20. Four teenagers saw a glow in a forest and investigated. They observed observed beings with short, curly dark hair and strange ears, but otherwise human-appearing, who seemed to be taking soil samples. They wore white robes. The teens reported their observation to the police, who found a circular hole in the ground four inches in diameter and five feet deep.

--July 22. A farner observed ten or more metallic disks in a field, resting on the ground. They were the size of dinner plates, and highly reflective,
like mirrors. When he approached, they flew away.

Obviously, the large number of low flybys and close encounter involved in these cases makes them highly unusual, but without independent corroboration, the validity of the stories remain unknown. We will be monitoring this situation carefully in an effort to confirm these stories.