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UFO Reports

Brilliant Ice-Blue UFO Over the Sanctuary

Source: John Novak (www.eceti.org)

My wife and I returned last night from an unscheduled visit to the Sattva Sanctuary, (Trout Lake, WA) in case those on our lists were wondering why you hadn't had any emails from us lately.  I will have to say that this was one of the most memorable trips there we have ever made for a variety of reasons, some of which I will describe now, others in the not too distant future.

Thursday night (August 3, 2001), just before midnight, Kim and I took our son to our room to put him to bed so we could go back outside to skywatch. We had a fairly good crowd present with us, about 15-20 or so.  We had a large orange-white ball of light fly right over the ranch at what seemed to be at an altitude of around 30,000 ft. or so just after 10:00 PM.  It kept a constant direction heading SW to NE and was totally silent and was captured on film.  Many in the crowd saw several objects or steaks of light hit it from the ground (was the military firing on it? It had no visible effect on it from what we could see).  So it had already been a successful night by the time we took our son inside, and we were very eager to get back outside.

 I had set up bedding on the floor, tuned the lights out and was laying down with my son, who kept going between me and my wife laying on the bed next to us.  Suddenly, Kim said her ears were ringing and her entire body was vibrating.  Within 5-10 seconds of her saying this, we hear the group outside erupt in cheering.  I immediately jumped up and ran out the door and looked up to see a UFO fully flared up in a brilliant ice-blue color the size of a dinner plate flying NE.  It lit up the ground and the trees by me. And it made no sound.

Now, understand that I have seen some pretty astonishing stuff up at the ranch, but never that close.  This thing was about 500 ft. or lower, right over the ranch.  I screamed for Kim to get out here.  I must of sounded pretty freaked out to my son who started crying, especially after mom scrambled for her glasses trying to hurry and get out.  Poor guy :)

It stayed flared up in this blue color for about 5-8 seconds or so, then shrunk down to a orange-white ball of light the size of my thumbnail at arms length and headed off until it was out of sight over the horizon.

Apparently, this UFO had come from behind Mt. Adams (almost due north from the ranch) and make a wide turn headed SW, then turned NE to fly right over our heads.  The crowd said it was an orange-white light until it was overhead when it flared up and changed to all kinds of colors from yellows to greens to oranges to finally the blue that I saw.

We then found out that James had been meditating up in his room when this event happened.  Coincidence?  Contact?  That's open to your interpretation, but I'm sure you can guess my answer...