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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Wisconsin

Source: Judie (Judrah@aol.com)

Well, Wisconsin is again having a lot of craft overhead.  I got a call from a gal last week about 15 miles north of Appleton.  She was visiting her family.  She and her son in law went outside.  It was 11 15 PM.  She saw a reflection on his truck, she turned around and looked up to see this huge round ball.  She said it was green.  I asked what color green.  She said lime to pea green and brilliant.  I asked the size, going with.  Hold out your arm, in correlation to your thumb nail.  How large is it.  She said OH NO...  It is once and a half to once and three quarters the size of the moon.  She said it was huge.  This is 15 miles from where I live.  She called all over trying to find someone else who had seen it.  The TV station was rude and said someone else had called but he got frustrated with the station and hung up.  She finally called the sheriffs office who directed her to me.

In the same time frame...all 10 to 12 days ago. The pyrotechnics had their convention in Kaukauna.  This was also about 12 miles from me.  They had the most beautiful fireworks I have ever seen.  I kidded with my hubby and the twins and said, now why could a craft not just fly threw during intermission.  When I got home I had a phone call from my daughter in law who told me there friends were laying on a blanket looking up.  (Everyone rented parking in there front yards.)  She said her friend Don said to look at that thing moving around in the sky.  Then the whole group of people laying on blankets said..Oh we have been watching it for 20 minutes.  It just did the normal maneuvers.  Up, down, side to side.  Looked like a glowing ball, similar to a star.  But stars don't dance.

A few weeks before all this.  Bill Benson has UFO days at his resort in Long Lake.  We were in Alaska at this time as my daughter died.  When I got home the gal who I studied UFO's with for years called to relate that they and dozens of other people stayed outside till very late.  They watched the sky from the shore of Long Lake.  She said 4 different craft were seen.  One huge one sent rays or tentacles down from itself.  She said they put on quite a show.  The last and biggest one came in and just hovered.  She said that one was still hovering at 3 in the morning when the last person gave up and went to bed.  The camp ground is a couple blocks down the highway from the resort.  

Bill has had this annual event for over ten years now. Wisconsin is alive with activity.

I had told you a couple days ago about 3 Wisconsin sightings.  I guess i must add a P.S. to this.  Talked to one of the gals who also has a study group in the Waupaca area.  I mentioned the 3 different sightings.  She said add to that about 200 people in the Stevens Point area saw the huge green globe about 2 weeks ago.  The night before 2 of her granddaughters also saw it.    The areas are about 75 to 80 miles apart.  The sighting report I got was for July 31st at 11:15 p.m.  She said what she got was 2 weeks ago.  That would be the same time frame.  I don't think I have heard of green craft before, little green men, but no green craft.