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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Israel

Source: http://www.myvoxx.com/

JERUSALEM -- Dozens of people, including a duty official at the state-run Meteorological Service, have reported spotting a UFO in Israel's skies. "I see a source of light over Tel Aviv," Eliezer Danziger, the duty meteorologist, told Israel army radio on Sunday. "The object changes its brightness from time to time but stays in one place. It's definitely not a airplane, just a source of light which doesn't move. Maybe it's a helicopter." . The army radio said dozens of residents of Tel Aviv and its suburbs called the station to report that they saw the unidentified flying object, or UFO.

On Thursday, August 1, the Israeli newspaper Maariv published the startling photo of a UFO on its back page. According to Maariv, the UFO, described as "a round reflective object," had been seen flying over a residential area in Moshav Tomar, in the Jordan River valley. The UFO was photographed at 4 a.m. on August 1.

Editor Michael Lindemann of the ISCNI Flash has reported many UFO sightings in Israel this summer. According to the ISCNI Flash, vol. 2, #10, part 2, UFOs have been seen in upper Galilee, in the Dead Sea region and flying over Haifa Bay.

Barry Chamish reports he saw the triumphant return of flying triangular formations over Israel. As always, their appearance was greeted with video cameras to solidly document them. On July 22, a triangular craft was spotted in the cities of Tsfat and Yokneam at 7:30 PM. It was videotaped in both places. A professional photographer Rafi Malka was phoned and video taped it from his home in Acceded. He earned the distinction of being the first Israeli to videotape two separate UFOs. He then phoned his nephew Doron Cohen in Yavne, who spread the word in that city that a UFO was coming. Among those he contacted was professor Rami Shkalim, who has a Ph.D. in both physics and philosophy and is currently a professor of Kabbala at Bar Ilan University. He was one of over two hundred people who viewed the craft until it disappeared at 12:30 AM. He had just purchased professional equipment, a Sony 320 zoom video camera that recorded an absolutely brilliant ten minute videotape of the craft. The craft had two silvery lights, both surrounded by a perfectly circular red aura twice their size. When the craft seems to turn a triangle of lights is visible. Then the craft becomes two lights, which emit spirally turning lights, like twisting fireworks, before the craft disappears to the west. He took the courageous step of going public with his videotape on the popular television program, "Good Morning Israel." The TV's host said, "This film is too weird to be written off as a planet or anything else we know." The fact that the UFO appeared on Tish B'av follows the pattern of UFO incidents falling on Jewish holy days.