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UFO Reports

Orbs and Jet Fighters Over Florida

Source: Filer's Files #33; August 14, 2001

ST. PETERSBURG -- ISUR reports that.  At about 11:30PM on August 10, 2001, the witness, his son and a friend observed a bright white colored light/object hovering in the sky over St. Petersburg.  The object moved, then reversed it's direction 180 degrees, turned at sharp angles, and zig-zagged in an incredible manner.  At times the object would stop, then move forward in short pulse like bursts of speed, then hover for long periods.  After about 15 minutes, several jet fighter type aircraft appeared, believed by the witness to be from  nearby McDill AFB which is about 5 miles east across Tampa Bay.  Witness stated that these jet aircraft appeared to travel a course to the  southeast as if trying to locate something because they repeated this two more times, but at a higher altitude.  The light/object remained stationary while the jets flew this pattern.  Eventually, it begin to "drift" and then smaller lights/objects appeared from all directions, they too drifting, but toward ! the primary object, then all finally became motionless.  These activities continued for over an hour. 

Thanks to Tom Sheets, ISUR Board-State Director MUFONGA and D.