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UFO Reports

New Jersey UFO Investigation Continues

Source: Filer's Files #33; August 14, 2001

CARTERET -- A new witness claims to have observed the structure of a large Flying Triangle near Sayerville heading for Carteret.  Witnesses further south along the New Jersey Turnpike saw aircraft on the normal approach to Newark Airport apparently being diverted because of the presence of UFOs in the early morning hours of July 15, 2001.  It is normal FAA procedure to divert aircraft away from potential danger without confirming the presence of UFOs to the aircrews.  Unconfirmed reports indicate that radar's in the New York area picked up a series of anomalous targets on the night of July 15, 2001, between 12:25 to 12:55 AM.  These targets roughly match the ground witnesses testimony of seeing lights over the New Jersey Turnpike.  Dozens of cars came to a stop on the Turnpike to watch the lights as they passed overhead.  Carteret is a very significant case because it occurred the day after the successful US antimissile test in the Pacific, the so-called son of Star Wars.  We can speculate the multiple UFOs were a response to this test.  Russia is strongly opposed to the development of this Missile Defense System and their involvement cannot be ruled out at this time. 

Carteret is only ten miles from New York City the home of most major television networks.  Numerous police and fireman were witnesses and took video of the event, that was shown on many television broadcasts.  New York radar operators indicate that dozens of anomalous targets were racing around the area.  There are wide variations in speed, altitude, and size.  Anomalous targets are those that are not using transponders that are required for all normal commercial traffic and identify the aircraft.  The anomalous radar returns were flying too slow or too fast to be normal aircraft and remain unidentified.  So far to my knowledge the government has not denied the sighting and no military maneuvers have been acknowledged. 

MUFON investigator Bob Durant reports, "In the short time the lights were displayed on screen, it was obvious that they were moving right to left at a slow but deliberate angular velocity.  There was no relative movement among the lights.  The top of a house or building, and possibly a chimney on a house, is visible beneath the lights and offer a reference for their movement.  No stars were visible in the video scene.  There were a total of ten lights, arranged in three groups.  Beginning from the left on the screen, which corresponds with the foremost lights, we see five lights, then a space, then four lights, a much longer space, and a single light which brings up the rear of the moving set.  There is no obvious symmetry to either the groups of five and four lights, or to the entire group of lights.  The lights depicted in the video are large, steady and white, though there is some slight but perceivable variation in diameter among them.  One of the lights momentarily nearly "goes out," diminishing to a tiny point, then resuming its original size." 

Thanks to Bob Durant.