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UFO Reports

Low-flying Cigar-shaped UFO Near Philadelphia

Source: Filer's Files #33; August 14, 2001

PHILADELPHIA -- Truck size cigar shape object over the Blue Route 476 in the western suburbs.  The witness reports, "On August 10, 2001, at 11:47 AM I was driving to work and directly ahead of me, a half of a mile or so, I saw an object that resembled a cigar shape, quickly, zooming over the highway.  It flew over the trees and it disappeared. The craft looked as though it was about the size of a truck.  It seemed to reflect the sky on the top, and more dark on the bottom half.  It was not high at all, as far as my view, a half mile ahead.  It looked like it was maybe a hundred feet over the highway.  If I were to hold out my arm and clench my fist, the object would be about half the size of my fist. No one else, as far as I could see, saw the object.  But, because I love looking into the sky, I am more alert to the stranger objects then most people.  This was not a plane, not a bird, not a helicopter.  The object kind of teetered back and forth as it passed, almost out of con! trol.  Last year, another UFO flew by within a hundred feet from the ground.  Thanks to Peter Davenport at the National Reporting Center www.ufocenter.com

MCCONNELLSBURG -- "While many people saw the huge fireball streak across the sky last Monday evening many others are also reporting seeing a black object with a tail in the western sky Saturday evening July 29, 2001.  Bleachers full of people saw the object while attending the Grease, Steam and Rust Association's truck pull at the fairgrounds.

Jane and Bob Lamison of Cooper Lane also saw the object from their porch Saturday evening at about dusk.  They described it as a large black object with a tail and blinking lights hovering in the clouds.  The object stayed in the same area for about a half hour.  Although not officially identified police officials said it was probably a surveillance aircraft that the residents were seeing."  The Fulton County News," on August 2, 2001: Thanks to Jon Baughman btbull@pennswoods.net