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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Illinois

Source: Filer's Files #33; August 14, 2001

DOWNERS GROVE -- A glowing, gold/orange cylinder-shaped object was observed on August 1, 2001, flying northeast toward Chicago at 8:15 PM.  The area of observation is near O'Hare and Midway airports, and several jet aircraft were in the area flying in normal traffic patterns.  We noticed the object was flying nearly at the same altitude of the jet aircraft, but much faster.  The object all at once slowed down as a B-757 aircraft departed Midway airport, westbound and flew past our position.  We were amazed at this behavior, as if the object was observing the jet.  The object then accelerated to the northeast and disappeared in a wink as a B-727 came into view from the east.  The 727 entered the O'Hare inbound traffic pattern, flying downrange and turning 180 degrees to begin a final approach.  We stood in disbelief to what we just witnessed.  It seemed that object was right on top of the 727 and then just vanished.  Based upon my 25 years in the airline industry, knowing aircraft performance, physical characteristics, and traffic patterns flown by commercial aircraft in this area, I have never seen such a strange object or vehicle in this area.  I am quite certain the object was not a military or commercial aircraft.  Based upon the following observations: 1) Aircraft operating in the area were distinguished by familiar physical characteristics, dark in appearance with wings, landing lights and anti-collision lights easily seen and flying in a pattern.  2) The object was a glowing, gold/orange cylinder with NO wings and NO tail section; it changed speeds, and immediately vanished.  I have witnessed UFO's hovering near the ground, and flying at altitude in the western US I have never seen an object or UFO enter controlled airspace until this incident, and frankly, the episode was chilling.  I am very concerned about the possibility of these vehicles colliding with commercial aircraft.  Peter Davenport spoke at length with this witness, and we found ! him to be quite credible with considerable experience in the aviation/airline industry.

EVANSTON -- On August 7, 2001, I looked up at 10:20 PM and saw a streak of light and then it slowed down.  I couldn't tell the exact distance but I would estimate 200 to 300 yards away.  It was traveling very slowly like it was looking for something.  I noticed that there were lights all around the side of the ship.  It was kind of like a Flying Triangle with a broad side in the front going to a point in the back.  The two front tips seemed to have two brighter lights then the rest.  It moved real slow for about 15-20 seconds, and then streaked off to the north.  All lights on the Triangle were bright hazy white.

WHEATON -- On August 6, 2001, while standing in the backyard of my sister's home around 4:00 PM, playing with my three year old nephew, I happened to glance up and saw a round whitish-silvery circle.  It looked about the size of a pinhead from where I stood, motionless in a clear blue sky.  It seemed to be as high as a commercial jet.  I I watched for about a minute, and then it shot upwards at a rapid speed, which caught me off guard, causing me to sort of startle, until I could no longer see it. 

CHICAGO -- The witness reports, "Ten of my friends were sitting outside on a patio at 3:15 AM, on August 9, 2001.  Twenty minutes after some of us saw a very bright meteor overhead we saw an object in the southeast heading northwest at a constant rate of speed.  As it grew closer it appeared to be diamond shaped and orange in color.  It flew directly overhead and at its closest appeared possibly 3/4 the disk of a full moon.  There was a near full moon this night and I saw it pass in front of a bright star which confirmed to me that is was indeed a solid object. It appeared to be luminescent in some fashion, but the moon was very bright.  Several people in the group described several small points of light, "like the ends of a fiber optic cable" said one friend (number varies between 6 and 7) offset but surrounding the diamond shape.  I very clearly saw the orange body of the object and it made no noise.  Minutes after the object disappeared from sight an airplane took off heading east over our heads from O'Hare airport.  The comparison to a low flying commercial airplane was easily dismissed as we observed blinking navlights on the wing tips of the plane, take off lights and an audible engine noise.  The observed craft had neither of these.  A girl in the group grabbed her 35 mm camera and took two photographs the UFO as it departed.  The group of witnesses were 24 to 30 years of age working in fields from business to art.  Peter Davenport interviewed this witness, and found him to be an excellent observer and reporter of the facts.

Editor's Note: Radar controllers have been reporting unidentified flying objects in the approach area to Chicago airports.  Aircraft have been diverted and the radar anomalies were blamed.  I suggest our ground reports from reliable witnesses indicate UFOs are regularly flying in the area.