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UFO Reports

Numerous UFOs Over East Coast States

Source: Filer's Files #34; August 22, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com


STATEN ISLAND -- We were on the beach at midnight on July 15, 2001, looking into sky with friends and other watchers.  We noticed 5 to 8 circular burnt orange colored lights in formation flying over Staten Island.  These lights were all lined up horizontally. They moved slowly towards our direction.  Due to a disruption, we had to leave the scene but other watchers stayed. Thanks to Joe Stefula


PALISADES PARK -- Several witnesses reported seeing a UFO descend from the sky on August 16, 2001.  The witness states, "My wife, my neighbor and I saw an object come down from the sky at 9:30 PM.  The craft was oval shape with a cap full of white colored lights.  This is the first UFO we have ever seen.  Thanks to  Varadaraj Kandasamy at aradraj2000@aol.com

TRENTON -- Several reports have come in from witnesses watching from the Scenic Point on Route 295 over looking the Delaware River.  They report seeing strange moving lights at night. Some are round and others spear shaped moving over the woods and river.  A diamond shaped craft was also sighted on August 18, 2001.  The sightings have continued for the last week and video has been taken.  Reports from this general area have continued regularly through the years.  Frequently, the sightings have involved several islands in the Delaware River north of Philadelphia and south of Trenton near Burlington.  This area appears to be heating up again.

CARTERET INVESTIGATION CONTINUES -- Gabriel wrote and phoned to tell me he was a witness to the Carteret sighting.  He was located near the large satellite dishes in Carteret.  He reports he had the best seat there and saw it all unfold.  The witness claims, "I saw it from two directions from Exit 13 and Exit 15 of the New Jersey Turnpike where dozens of cars were stopped to watch.  The object observed by hundreds was a dark black space craft for sure with a triangular shape.  Gabriel states, "I had a pair of binoculars and I saw a ship I know what a ship looks like.  All the lights were attached to the large ship. I was looking right at the ship it had a dark shadow ''V' shape behind the lights.  Also those people that saw the lights didn't see that there was a couple of small ships first. That is why the video shows the lights were in too different forms.  The other was a single light with 'v' shape.  There was allot going on that night.  We also noticed that all commercial ! aircraft had stopped flying over the area. 

Thanks to Gabriel GabrielBellotti@aol.com Bayonne, NJ


NEW HOPE -- Anthony Volpe reports that on June 17, 2001, Lynn and I were traveling east on Woodhill Road in Upper Makefield Township.  The sky was clear and cloudless.  As we crested a hill and cleared the trees blocking our view, we saw an object hovering in the foreground.  Being familiar with the area, we estimated that it was hovering over the Delaware River.  It was slightly larger than 1/2 inch as viewed at arm's length.  It was shaped like a 'bar' or elongated rectangle with square ends.  The color was a nonreflecting white.  If clouds were available it could have easily hid among them, but there was not a cloud in the sky.  We consulted a local map for distance and direction information.  The distance to the Delaware River from our sighting location is one and six-tenths of a mile (1.6 mi.)  The UFO was hovering at a 30-degree angle above the horizon.  The direction was 303 degrees compass heading on our map.  Extrapolation of the size, distance and angle above the hor! izon shows the UFO to be approx. 170 feet long hovering at approx. nine-tenths of a mile (4,750 ft,) at a distance of 1.6 miles away from our viewing site.  Lynn and I observed the UFO hovering for several minutes.  We lost sight of it as we approached Interstate I-95 South. 

Thanks to the Volpes Force_19118@hotmail.com