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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Indiana

Source: Filer's Files #34; August 22, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com


INDIANAPOLIS -- Tom Sheets ISUR received the following report from Angela Clark about her sighting on August 7, 2001, at about 5:30 PM.  She let the family dog out into the backyard and noticed an object in the sky in the vicinity of some clouds.  She continued to watch as the object suddenly darted straight down and made a quick 90-degree turn to the right, suddenly stopping to hover over some adjacent homes.  I phoned Angela who described the object as appearing oval shaped, metallic colored, and lighter on top and darker on the bottom.  It had a wobbly spin while hovering and there was a slight haze around the craft.  She estimated the distance at 1/4 mile and altitude at 2500 to 3000 feet, and actual size as similar to 3 or 4 automobiles (HUMVEES) grouped together.  Angela is a former police officer, skydiver, and military dependent.  The witness stated she then ran into her computer room and grabbed her digital camera, returned and snapped a photo of the hovering object. (See www.filersfiles.com) At that point the object slowly began to move upwards, then quickly accelerated upwards and out of sight so fast she could not track it.  Angela forwarded a copy of the photo to ISUR and me for preliminary inspection.  The photo indicates a bright sunny day, with a few cumulus clouds, the glare of the sun is evident on the clouds and on the hovering object.  The object appears to be oval shaped but could be 'capsule' shaped and hovering beyond and over some homes.  Angela is currently a homemaker studying for a medical certification.  She is an excellent witness.  The case has been turned over to Indiana MUFON, State Director Jerry Sievers for a local in-depth investigation.  Thanks to ISUR isur@america.net, and Tom Sheets tangosix@webtv.net, ISUR Board, SD MUFON of Georgia.

SOUTH BEND -- On August 14, 2001, Mark Radecki, 47, was sitting on the back door step when he heard a whistle, like a hawk makes.  He looked up expecting to see a hawk when he spotted a black coffin shaped object directly overhead traveling northwest at 1342 hours (1:42 PM).  It flew away at a steady speed of 1400 MPH.  The witness heard the whistle one more time before it flew behind some trees.  Mark says, "My estimate is that it was fairly low 800-1500 feet, and at its speed it would have crossed the entire sky, being directly overhead, I about 6 seconds.  A favorite hobby of mine is to sit in the yard, with my binoculars and field guide, and watch and identify all the aircraft that cross the sky.  So I am familiar with all types of aircraft, their speeds, and altitudes. This was not one of them.  Mark also saw a black egg shaped UFO with short stubby wings ten years ago.  The object was one inch in size at arm's length.  Sky was partly sunny, w/high cumulus clouds, 80 degr! ees, 10 MPH wind.  Thanks to Skywatch and UFO-PI Online Reporting and Mark Radeckiclr46614@aol.com PaulWillison@webtv.net