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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Illinois

Source: Filer's Files #34; August 22, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com


WILDWOOD -- This is the second sighting of similar objects within the past six months for me.  I first saw two objects on April 26, 2001, and a report was filed.  On August 2, 2001, I was able to distinguish a little more detail than the first time.  I observed directly west of Route 45 and Center Street in Grayslake two bright lights stationary in the sky at 1:15 PM.  They were not moving as in the first sighting.  This time I was able to get my wife to view these objects with me and with binoculars.  They were round and had lights, which seemed to be like multiple strings descending from top to bottom.  They could have been windows but were too far distant to really confirm.  When I looked at them with just my normal eyesight they were very bright in the sky, and with the binoculars I could distinguish the strands of lights on the side of the object.  They were quite a way's off in the distance but were very large.  They started moving towards the southwest after about 15 minutes until they disappeared.  Once they started moving, they moved rather slowly.  During the first sighting I had, they moved very fast

CHICAGO -- It was about 3:00 AM on August 5, 2001, some friends and I were sitting around in my friends yard talking and one of my friends pointed to the sky and said, "What is that?"  We all looked to where he was pointing and I saw an object that seemed to be glowing with its own light traveling across the sky from southeast to northwest at a steady rate.  The object appeared to me to be squarish and a yellow orange color with very faint red spots of light surrounding it.  I heard no noise.  The object traveled in a straight line across the sky, not speeding up or slowing down.  It was a very clear night, with a nearly full moon.  We had observed several planes traveling from west to east that night, both before and after we saw this object.  They were all obviously planes, with the tell tale blinking lights and the jet noises.  This object was different.  We immediately began listing off the things it could possibly be.  Someone suggested that maybe it was a children's balloon caught in some freak jet stream.  However, the wind wasn't blowing and the stars were clear, not shimmering like on windy nights.  I got out my camera and snapped some pictures of the object, but as of yet haven't gotten them developed.  A similar object was seen on August 9.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC