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UFO Reports

Wisconsin Orbs Knockout Power

Source: Filer's Files #34; August 22, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com

MERCER -- J writes on the evening of August 3, 2001, I was traveling to northern Wisconsin with a friend for fishing.  We were about 3 miles south of Mercer on US 51 at 12:30 AM when large bright yellow-orange lights appeared in the sky directly a mile ahead of us at 1,500 feet altitude.  They were about the size of your thumbnail at arm's length.  The full moon was up and the lights were just slightly smaller.  The lights almost looked like yellow orange fireballs, but didn't flicker and the outside edges had a blur or hazy appearance.  The lights were "stacked" directly above each other a 100 yards apart.  We both saw the lights as if someone switched on a light.  We drove until we were a half mile away and I stopped to get my camera from the trunk.  Then the lights moved straight up and the spacing between them doubled.  As we exited the car the lights moved to our left about a half mile all without changing their formation.  The sky was clear and as I took the first flash picture, the lights converged towards the middle light and formed a perfect triangle on a horizontal plane at 200 yards apart.  I took 6 pictures in 5 minutes. 

There was no noise even my hunting dog was quiet and still, which is very unusual.  We drove a mile further down the road and snapped another picture just as a pickup truck swerved sending gravel flying.  I pulled along side the truck, and young driver said, "What the hell am I looking at?  I've been watching those lights for about 10 minutes and when I saw your flash I knew you guys saw them too."  The three of us watched the lights rise slowly, then the speed increased until they reached an altitude of about a mile and they disappeared.  We drove into Mercer and realized the town was blacked out.  I contacted the power company and they said the outage was caused by a "regulator reset."  Thanks to Jim Aho W-Files http://www.w-files.com