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UFO Reports

Strange Lights in the Skies Over New Jersey

Source: Filer's Files #35; 8/29/01; www.filersfiles.com

TRENTON -- Bill Fenton reports multiple UFO sightings over the Delaware River and nearby woods on Wednesday August 22, 2001.  He phoned several times to inform me that he and his friends were observing high speed lights and a diamond shaped craft.  Flashes of light would depart the craft and fly into the area streaking past their position on Route 295 overlooking the Delaware River.

BRIGANTINE -- Later the same evening, I was awakened by a family overlooking the Atlantic Ocean who were witnessing high speed maneuvering lights at 4;00 AM.  The lights sounded very similar to those spotted over the Delaware River 75 miles northwest earlier in the evening. 

JERSEY CITY -- UFOzone reports that on August 24, 2001, "I have video of a strange phenomenon that my wife and I witnessed last night from our apartment.  I first saw the strange orange lights at around 12:00 midnight and got my cam.  Normally, it is difficult to see anything in the night sky that is why this sighting is so unbelievable.  We watched for five minutes before it vanished.  It was changing shape before our eyes, and a satellite issued from it.  I live right across the Hudson River from the World Trade Center.  I taped the phenomenon over Newark Airport to the southwest.  Thanks to Dan http://www.ufozone.co.uk.