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UFO Reports

Strange Lights in the Skies Over Pennsylvania

Source: Filer's Files #35; 8/29/01; www.filersfiles.com

PITTSBURGH -- On August 13, 2001, my husband and I were sitting on our bed at 10:45 PM, when I noticed a bright light outside the window behind him.  The object seemed to 'twinkle,' and was gold in color.  My husband and I noticed green and a blinking red lights that seemed to pulsate.  Two other objects appeared 'that were exactly like the first and all three together formed an 'upside down triangle.'  They were motionless for about a minute, then began moving slowly.  We stayed to see if they would come back, and they did in about a minute.  This time, there were only two lights.  There was one behind each tree with their lights still blinking.  They stayed behind the trees for a minute, then went away and came back a minute later, then disappeared.  My husband was not convinced they were UFOs, but our cat was acting strange all through the night.  She got under the covers last night to bite and scratch one of my feet, which she has never done before.  This morning she started hissing at me and making weird sounds and her fur was standing straight up, like she was spooked.  Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC

POCONO MOUNTAINS -- Eileen writes that on August 13, 2001, around 1:00 AM she spotted a Flying Triangle shaped UFO flying south near Tobyhanna.  Eileen states, "I thought it was three lights making a triangle, but then the way it went behind a cloud we all decided it was one UFO.  The other UFOs we saw were going from south to northwest.  They were coming from behind a cloud and moving very slowly, so we could follow their path until they were hidden behind trees.  No matter what time of year I go up there I am sure to see them."  Thanks to Wileen at Leenie9850