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UFO Reports

Strange Lights in the Skies Over California

Source: Filer's Files #35; 8/29/01; www.filersfiles.com


ROSEVILLE -- We were driving west on Pleasant Grove Boulevard when, Janice, sighted group of six to ten objects she thought were big birds.  As she pointed them out to Richard, she noticed they were changing formation and moving up and down.  Richard also saw them and decided to get closer by turning left on Washington and later stopping his car to observe.  The objects moved southeast towards them flying in semicircular patterns, straight lines, and constantly changing their formation.  Some were at higher altitudes but these were neither birds nor balloons, and were under their own mode of power maneuvering in unusual patterns.  As the objects changed directions, their color would change from a very bright white to brilliant silver.  The objects moved away but returned.  They flew in three triangular pairs, then formed a straight line moving east.  They reversed direction with two groups of three at one point, forming a delta shape and making arcing turns.  They watched for five minutes and the objects formed a delta shape again, and moved away at high speed to the northeast.  Richard is a 61-year-old engineer and Janice is a 53-year-old homemaker.  Thanks to MUFONHQ@aol.com and NEW-WUFOD-I..1-408 SITE:  

WEED, NORTH OF MT. SHASTA -- On August 20, 2001, Mary C. was driving southbound on I-5, looking out of sunroof to stargaze at 10:00 PM.  She noticed three stars moving in unison southbound.  They were positioned to make an uneven triangle (no sides equal in length).  Initially I thought it was a satellite; however, the "stars" were too far apart and moved in perfect unison.  I questioned the likelihood that the "stars" were lights on the points of a craft but the space in between the "stars" was camouflaged against the night sky.  We observed the lights moving southbound and one by one they disappeared as it reached a portion of the nebula.  The speed was steady, not fast, but not slow.  The white lights did not twinkle nor blink.  They made a triangle at 30,000 to 60,000 feet, but this was only an estimate. Thanks to (Mary c.)  reports@ufoinfo.com em4carmalt@aol.com -