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UFO Reports

Cylinders Over Illinois and New Jersey

Source: Filer's Files #36; September 5, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com


NASHVILLE -- On August 28, 2001, in the early afternoon the witness was fishing on the lake at Washington County Conservation Center. I heard what I thought was jet noise and looked up and saw a long narrow object silver in color. The craft had no wings or tail and had a long cigar shape, longer than most jet liner fuselages. If this is not a UFO is it possible that the wings of a jet may blend against the sky or clouds and not be seen under some circumstances? There were some high clouds and sky was visible behind the object. If the lighting had somehow obscured the wings I would have seen the engines. In addition, the "windows" were on the bottom and visible to me. Airline windows are on the side. The area is near several airports so jet noise is common. I am now listing this as one of my UFO sightings, bringing the total up to four since 1958.

Editor's Note: Based on your description it is difficult to determine if you saw an aircraft or a UFO. Most likely the color of the wings, engines, and tail blended with the background since they are often painted white or gray while the rest of the aircraft is a more prominent color. However, there are no aircraft with windows on the bottom and we do get UFO reports of silver cigar or cylinder shaped craft frequently. These have included near misses where the pilots ducked down in the cockpit. The jet noise would indicate the craft had jet engines, but we will probably never know the true answer.


SEA BRIGHT/SHREWSBURY RIVER -- Peter B. Tarlton and his girlfriend reports that on August 21, 2001, while fishing at the Sea Bright Bridge, a glossy white ovoid/cylinder was observed at 3:45 PM at an altitude of 1500 feet. The object/craft approached the beach heading due west making a slight curve to the southeast. It had no visible aero forms/planes, was matte white to glossy white. The O/C rose leisurely in altitude from 1500' to 2500'. Haze and smog affected visibility; however most interestingly, it slowly pulsed to an intense white-hot light/power up phase, slid behind some haze, and disappeared. My girlfriend and I both conducted additional observations of commercial jetliner aircraft, in the same vicinity, under the same environmental conditions, and the sun's glare was 20% to 30% of what was observed with ovoid cylinder. Additionally jet aircraft did not disappear; their aero surfaces were clearly and visually distinguished. The same observation was not repeatable with commercial traffic under same conditions. The object turned and disappeared. I have witnessed over 25 craft in this area, within five years. All of these 'sightings' have occurred within a five-mile radius of Sea Bright Bridge. Thank you for your efforts, excellent site, and contributions to the Disclosure Project. Thanks to Peter B. Tarlton.

TRENTON -- Bill Fenton reports multiple UFO sightings over the Delaware River and nearby woods on Wednesday, August 22, 2001, and several days following. He phoned several times to inform me that he and his friends were observing high speed lights and a diamond shaped craft. Flashes of light would depart the craft and fly into the area streaking past their position on Route 295 overlooking the Delaware River.

On Wednesday, August 28, 2001, I drove to the Delaware River scenic overlook with Bill Fenton and observed several high speed maneuvering lights between 9:30 and 10:30 PM. There was fairly heavy commercial traffic moving north along an airway. However, there were unexplained lights over a landfill across the river in Pennsylvania. I also saw a green light flash over Route 295 moving east. There is unexplained activity in the area for many years.