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UFO Reports

Strange Lights Bother Motorists in Illinois & Nevada

Source: Filer's Files #37; September 12, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com


BLOOMINGTON - The witness relates, "I was driving home from work on Route 51 to Heyworth on August 22, 2001, around 11:15 PM.  I was about half way home when I noticed three bright lights, side by side in the sky hovering around the Randolph Grain Elevator.  I estimate the object was about 500-1000 feet in the air.  Curiosity got the best of me so I turned on Randolph Road and proceeded east to check things out.  As I got closer, the object was still hovering and the lights were getting brighter.  I passed the grain elevator and the object still had not moved.  I was getting closer, my cell phone rang, and no one was there and no incoming call registered in my phone log.  I kept driving and the object darted northeast very quickly and was gone.  I checked the flight schedule at the Central Illinois Regional Airport and a plane comes in from Chicago at 11:10 PM.  I stopped on the road ten miles away and could see the landing lights of the plane, but the object had an oval shape based on the layout of the lights and darted away.  I saw something out of the ordinary.  Thanks to NUFORC.


PAHRUMP -- On August 24, 2001, the witness drove 60 miles southwest of Las Vegas and stopped on a bluff over looking Pahrump at 9:30 PM.  They observed an orange light hovering above the city.  The witness stated, "We watched this light for several minutes, as we were observing this light it started towards us and in a few seconds was above our car.  We were somewhat startled at this, as there was no noise or any other signs of a propulsion engine.  We watched as this light appeared to be descending upon us, being a little intimated by this, we got in out vehicle and sped off.  The light did not follow us, but left us wanting as to what it was?"  Thanks to Greg BeardenGBLVN22