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UFO Reports

UFOs Over England

Source: Filer's Files #38; September 19, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com

BRIDGEWATER, SOMERSET -- On or about August 19, 2001, a flying triangle shape object pointing towards earth and circle shape on top with alternating red, blue and green lights was seen at 11:45 PM.  It was silent and rotated in front of my car, then flew off and hovered for roughly an hour above a small village called Brent Knowle.  It is here that 3 witnesses including myself, observed the UFO with binoculars.  Broken clouds started to form in the distance and gradually our vision was limited until after the last bit of cloud passed we looked back to see that it wasn't there. 

PITCASTLE, PERTHSHIRE -- Gordon Mac Gregor reports, "We had just finished entertaining guests at Pitcastle House on August 24, 2001, and were set to leave when David's phone rang.  During his conversation, I scanned the sky, and saw two star-like objects moving at speed towards the south at 11:30 PM.  I showed then to David while he was still on the phone.  As we watched, he noticed another farther to the north traveling in an up and down manner and glowing brighter.  It also seemed to be spinning, went up and down and often moved across.  It sometimes moved in a 'jerky' fashion.  To our surprise, it would seem to flash and was 'answered' by flashes from others star like objects at differing points in the sky.  Suddenly, after around 30 minutes, immediately below the main object there was a sudden streak of light into which one of these star-like objects moved at immense speed.  The light was extremely similar to the 'worm hole' depicted in the program Deep Space Nine.  The light had almost a tunneling effect and came from know where, immediately closing when the object had passed through.  We were astounded at this.  Two minutes later the main object rose higher and higher and shot off upwards.  Thanks to Gordon MacGregor

GRIMSBY -- On September 8, 2001, a telephone call alerted me to the strange sighting of a ball bearing shaped silver ball traveling in the skies over the East Coast of the United Kingdom.  Mr. H. D., who lives near Grimsby on the East coast of the United Kingdom, telephoned on Monday evening to discuss this unusual sighting.  Mr. H. D. who is ex R.A.F. said the silver object was as big as a 5 pence coin held at arm's length, as it traveled from a WNW direction.  The object passed directly over him;  "It was perfectly round with what looked like extremely small stubby wings just protruding from its circular body."  He continued, " The object sped past me at least four times faster than a Jumbo Jet.  It crossed from horizon to horizon in a matter of seven seconds.  I was a complete skeptic until I saw this, but now am convinced of the existence of UFO's.  As the local radio, weather watcher I am constantly checking the skies and I know what I saw was something strange."  Thanks ! to Chris Evers www.hufos1.karoo.net Faster Than Light Web Site