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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Russia

Source: Filer's Files #38; September 19, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com

MOGILEV -- This last summer was rich for UFO sightings in Byelorussia.  On August 24, 2001, between 11 and 12:00 PM many people saw something very strange in Mogilev, the third biggest Byelorussian City.  A strange object the size of the Moon was seen at two kilometers altitude.  The shape was like a mushroom lying on its side.  It gave out a bright yellow light, sparkling and shining.  Later moving red and green lights appeared inside the object and very soon it turned into real fireworks.  Many light spots were moving into and out of the object as it changed shape for about six minutes.  Finally it turned "orange," but green and red lights remained.  The "orange" disappeared, then appeared again in another place, and moved slowly to the west.  It vanished again and appeared as a bright star several times. 

BULDUK LAKE -- Pavel Zayats, a well-known Byelorussian musician, and his girlfriend Ira Zapolskaya, saw a strange shining sphere over Bulduk Lake on September 1, 2001.  This is one of the system of the Blue Lakes -- a unique natural reservation, with untouched woods and deep clean lakes north of Belarus.  Pavel says, "About 4:00 AM, I woke up because of a strange terror inside of me and knew something was wrong.  Through the window I saw a light that turned into two rays as if someone moved to the cabin with handy electric lights.  I was scared.  I went outside and stood awestruck by image of a two meters across, light sphere hanging above the ground in the trees.  Many small light balls were flying around the sphere.  I shouted and woke up Ira and we watched for twenty minutes.  Then the sphere slowly merged into the two rays of light again and disappeared.  A neighbor woman told me that she had seen a similar phenomenon and it is dangerous and will drive you mad.  I noticed later in the day there was sparkling lights in our cabin."  Note: Bulduk Lake is well-known for strange fish or animals with six meter humps.  Thanks to Vadim Deruzhinsky, Editor-in-Chief of Secret Researches Analytic Journal Tel./fax: 375 (172) 84 60 33 vd@gtp.