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UFO Reports

Georgia UFO Investigation Continues

Source: Filer's Files #39; September 26, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com

WHITESBURG -- MUFON State Director Tom Sheets and George Lainhart met with the witness who spotted a UFO in June at his home.  The witness turned over several good sketches of the UFO and reconfirmed his personal account as being correct.  During further inspection of the surrounding property, the witness pointed out the treetops that were illuminated by the hovering craft.  George had brought along his laser range finder used in his duties on the SWAT Team.  George ascertained that the trees which were first illuminated were 336 yards away (the witness had estimated 500 yards).  The second tree to which the object moved was only 74 yards away.  Using these more exact ranges and a terrain feature of known size, we later hope to determine a more exact real size for the object.  Various police officials and local clerks in area stores advised they had no knowledge of similar reports for the first two weeks in June.   

On September 10, the witness phoned Tom at 10:00 PM and indicated the objects may have returned, as he could see bizarre lights over the distant part of his property.  Tom proceeded to Whitesburg, which took about one hour.  They had left the area upon my arrival, and did not return up through 3:00 AM.  Thanks to Tom Sheets State Director.

LAGRANGE -- Around 7:45 PM, September 21, 2001, John Thompson saw a "donut" like rope contrail.  It had about 7-8 round spaced "donuts" in a portion of the contrail.  I had a throwaway camera with me and took three photos of white contrails several miles away over the Georgia-Alabama border to the west, going south.  It might have been one of the advanced military aircraft deploying. Thanks to John Thompson