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UFO Reports

Strange Light Over California

Source: Filer's Files #39; September 26, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; http://www.filersfiles.com

BELLFLOWER -- Kim writes that on September 22, 2001, my Mom called us outside to look at a strange bright red light in the sky.  My brother and his friend, my boyfriend and our friend all went outside at about 11:40 PM to discover an extremely bright object bigger than a star.  The glowing light was coming towards us from the east.  We watched it for about ten minutes as it continued to come closer.  When it was almost overhead it suddenly stopped.  We continued to watch it for probably about five more minutes as it just hovered there.  We live 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles and thought it might be a terrorist plane.  Suddenly the hovering red light flashed a couple of times and dropped an object.  It moved closer when it flashed again a few times and dropped another object.  We waited for an explosion of a bomb, but nothing happened.  The light blinked and then flickered away and we saw the (unlit) object fly away quickly.  It moved so slowly, we figured it probably wasn't!  a plane.  Thanks to Kim SBsurge4