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Fireball Over Ontario, Canada

Source: www.100megsfree4.com/farshores

London, ON -- A bright light that flashed across the sky in the London region (Oct. 2) might have been caused by a fairly large meteoroid, a University of Western Ontario astronomy professor says.

John Landstreet, whose interests include meteorites, asteroids and comets, said the the kind of flash of light described by witnesses over a wide area is typical of a rock ranging in size from a football to a garbage can burning up in the atmosphere.

Provincial police reported calls about the phenomenon from the St. Thomas area, Kerwood and Poplar Hills. Reports to The Free Press came from the Strathroy and Mt. Brydges areas.

It was described as a blue and yellow flame accompanied by a ground-shaking boom.

Mike Suto, a Straffordville resident, said he was sitting on his front porch when a fireball soared northwest through the sky about 7:40 p.m.

"It had a tail to it and white smoke," Suto said. "It appeared to burn up and it looked like things were dropping off."

Suto said he heard no noise but other witnesses did.

Landstreet said this kind of space rock would come screaming into the atmosphere at 20 to 30 kilometres a second -- fast enough to travel from London to Toronto in 10 seconds.

"It slams into the atmosphere very hard. There's an awful lot of energy dissipated and the thing gets really hot . . . and boils of most of its material. It's typically really bright for a few seconds."

Landstreet would be interested in recovering pieces of the object if any are found.


Meteorologist Ed Reich at the National Weather Service office at Buffalo Niagara International Airport said it was probably part of the October Cetids, a small meteor shower that occurs at this time of year. -- Additional comment taken from report in Buffalo