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UFO Reports

Pyramid-shaped UFO seen in Northern Chile

Sorce: Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo

A gigantic UFO was seen at the beach of Cavancha, in the northern Chilean city of Iquique. The sighting took place on October 5th of 2001. The eyewitnesses were a taxi driver and two of his passengers. They claimed that the UFO was about 300 yards long and shaped like a pyramid.

Carlos, a local taxi driver, was on his way to drop off two passengers to the coastal city of Iquique. It was around 19:45 PM. He was driving on a highway that runs between the beach and the local airport. Suddenly, he saw what appeared to be some lights coming from the south side of the beach. He initially thought it was an airplane because of the proximity to the airport. Nevertheless, he was very surprised to see that the object got closer and closer, perhaps too close for any ordinary aircraft - as it hovered at about 1 kilometer from the highway.

Carlos kept driving. As he passed a curve, he was able to view the object form a slightly different angle. As he got even closer, he began to notice that around the object, it had red, yellow and green flashing lights, as well as a white light at the top. He also noticed that it was shaped like a giant pyramid.

"It almost looked like a giant stealth bomber. However, this object was about 300 yards in length, so it was not a plane. As it got closer, I began to accelerate the car. Suddenly, a very bright light came out from the bottom of the object, illuminating the entire beach. It was scary; the light was so strong that we were able to see the waves in the ocean. When I turned to see my passengers, they were speechless. We were all astonished", he said. The cab driver claimed that the sighting lasted about 20 minutes.