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UFO Reports

UFO Sightings in Michigan, Illinois & Missouri on September 11

Source: Filer's Files # 41; October 9, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; www.filersfiles.com


COLON -- On September 11, 200I, the witness and his 9-year-old son, saw a wedge shaped UFO at 10:10 PM.  The boy called out when he saw the craft, and his father thinking this odd as all of the airports had been shut down.  They saw a slow moving craft with randomly flashing blue, red, and white lights all along its edge.  The father states, "We then ran outside to get a better view.  It was moving due west.  As it came parallel to our position I did an angle check by hand (a trick I learned in astronomy class) I found that it was about 30 degrees above the horizon over due south.  I could not judge its distance as I realized that I was not dealing with just any standard aircraft, and these things could really be any size.  I could not detect any sound coming from the craft.  As it neared the western horizon I noticed that the only steady lights on the craft were the two white lights, one on each rear point.  This is more proof that this type of craft exists.  My theory is that they may have been interested as to why there were no other aircraft in the air over one of the busiest air traffic continents on this planet."  Thanks to NUFORC


BOLINGBROOK -- On September 11, 2001, the area had lost electrical power so the two families were outside and eight witnesses spotted two flashing lights traveling north side by side at 7:30 PM.  After a few minutes they disappeared, but within a couple minutes the lights began flashing again near where they were first seen.  The flashing lights were traveling south, but would turn around and travel north.  Sometimes they faded to a red glow.  This had gone on for over an hour when I saw a steady red light traveling east much faster than any jet.  Within minutes I saw a steady white light traveling southeast.  My wife 2 children, neighbor and wife and his 2 children all witnessed this.  (NUFORC Note: The lights may have been navigation lights on military aircraft patrolling the skies over the U. S. PD)


ASH GROVE at about 10:00 PM I went out in the front yard on September 11, 2001, and noticed a light at about 20 degrees above the horizon.  It was climbing at a high rate of speed, then descended, and did ALL KINDS of loops, back and forth from left to right, and hovered.  I can see it out my window as I type this. It's a dot in the sky, slightly brighter then a star with an occasional red flash.  Ira still going in circles, up and down, and all different directions.  Its now 10:47 PM and its still there.  All air traffic is grounded.  Nothing we have could do this.  They're too fast with right angle turns.  Thanks to NUFORC.