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UFO Reports

UFOs Over Japan

Source: Filer's Files #41; October 9, 2001
Majorstar@aol.com; www.filersfiles.com

KYOTO STATION -- On 22nd September, several strange objects flying in formation over the Kyoto JR Station Building were seen by at least 20 people.  At the time, Jun-ichi Kato, a leader of OUR-J (the Organization of UFO Research Japan), was with a member, Tomokatsu Terayama and other several members gathering for the regular skywatch meeting.  Terayama initially spotted these UFOs at the northeast sky around 12:10.  Kato and other meeting members verified the objects flying in some formation, and Kato and Terayama succeeded in photographing the UFOs.  The eyewitnesses were not only OUR-J members, but some tourists and the local residents.  Seven objects were flying and changing formation and each looked like it transformed from a round to an oblong shape.  Those observing the UFOs with their binoculars said that these objects looked different from any conventional objects.  They suddenly changed direction to WSW and disappeared.

URAWA -- An orange sphere was seen on September 23, 2001, around 16:35, over the OUR-J branch group's skywatch meeting in Urawa city (near Tokyo).  At first, a member, Mayumi Ikeda (Ms) spotted this UFO about 20 minutes after the meeting was started.  The object was hovering over their heads for a minute or two and slowly moved to the south, and finally disappeared as ascending.  The object was photographed by OUR-J staff, Nishikawa and the photo will be posted in the November OUR-J journal at http://www.our-j.com//  Thanks to Toshie Nakagawa OUR-J ourj@mbd.sphere.ne.jp